Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!!


Did their little ghost feet scare you??  :-)  I can't take the credit for coming up with these. My cousin, Kelly, made them with her kids and I'm all about a craft that's fun and not too difficult so I stole the idea, of course! Thanks Kelly! :-)

Aiden wants to also make sure that I show his "5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate" so here's that too

Yesterday we took the kids up to watch the Newark Halloween parade. Oh man it was COLD!! But they seemed to enjoy it and it was worth the drive because it ended up being about an hour long.  The down side was that we sat in a shadowy spot, which probably made it feel even colder and no one wanted to throw candy where we were sitting!  That's okay because their was lots of great costumes to look at!
And the really cool thing is that after the parade is over (for about an hour after) the kids can go down Main Street and trick or treat at all the stores.  Sounds like lots of fun, right?  Total chaos!!  I swear there was at least 50,000 people crammed on Main Street trying to get into all the stores.  I tried to get a picture but it in no way shows the madness because I was able to escape it in the road with Emma!
Aiden had fun going to a couple of stores, but waiting in line for like 15 minutes for one piece of candy didn't seem worth it to him.  Thank God! It was freezing! I didn't even unbundle Emma to go anywhere.  So with Aiden's permission we were able to pack it up and head back home.
Waiting for Daddy and Aiden to come out of a store

What did I get?

Trying to decide if the wait is worth the candy

People, people everywhere!!!
Tonight we're off to my cousin's house to trick or treat with our whole group of kids! Mario and Snow White can't wait!  Here's a preview of their costume (minus Mario's mustache and gloves) because you know I'll have lots more after tomorrow night!

Happy Halloween!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Looks...

You may have noticed that I changed some things around here on the blog. 

Up first was a new background.  I just couldn't have the nice springy day as a background when it's starting to get cold out.  I thought about making it more fall colors, but I'm a blue kind of person and who knows when I'll feel like changing it again so I went with this one.  I like it.

I also finally got around to changing some of the blog pictures! Yay! No more July 4th up top!  I just wish the picture up there wasn't so darn big!! Oh well!  I would also like to change the picture of Patrick and I since that was over a year ago, but since we don't ever get out (where we actually need to dress up and look presentable) and I'm usually the one taking the pictures, this one will have to stay for now. :-)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Y3W: Emma's New Smile

Emma has become quite the character here lately.  She makes the best faces and has the best and funniest responses to things.  Her newest thing is her go to smile when you're trying to take her picture.  She looks like she's trying to channel, a pirate, Popeye, maybe Elvis??  Whatever it is, I think it's hysterical.  No matter how many times you try, if you tell her smile...this is most likely the face you're gonna get...
Oh man, I love that goofy girl!! <3

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Emma's Got a Boo-Boo

Emma discovered a new talent a week or two ago...climbing out of her crib.  Already?!?!

I was really hoping she would get over it and not think it was such a big deal after the first couple of times.  That didn't happen.  And she's stealthy about it! I turn the monitor up so I can hear her and nothing, but when I go up, there she is not in the crib, usually doing something she shouldn't be.

One day she got the baby q-tips and pulled the cotton off the end of all of them. I still don't know how she got the box of them. She's good.  Another day she had completely emptied the cabinet in her changing table.  At least a couple times I've found her in her closet reading books, good to know she doesn't always go for the naughty choice.  We have always run a noise machine in her room and 2 mornings I've been woken up because she's climbed out and turned it up as high as it would possibly go.  I guess that's better than the annoying alarm clock sound!

The other day when she was napping I was downstairs catching up on a show when I heard a huge BANG and then a scream.  I've never moved so fast up those stairs! When I got there she was laying flat on the floor, her head closest to the crib.  I'm guessing on her way out, she slipped and flipped over and out onto the floor.  Yikes!

Everything appeared to be okay, though she clung to me for quite awhile after that.  Her nose had a little red spot and I just figured she must have bumped it.  Well as a couple of days have passed that little red spot has turned into an ugly little boo-boo. Poor honey! Good news is since then she hasn't climbed out of the crib. That could be because at every little sound I'm up there to make sure she's still in there.

I know we should probably convert her to the toddler bed before she gets hurt again or worse, but she's only 17 months! I'm not ready for that battle yet! So here's to keeping my fingers crossed that she's scared herself enough to stay put for a few more months!!

Poor, sweet little nose :-(

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Halloween 2010

Halloween is just a few days away! Aiden is very excited to be Mario and Emma is going to be Snow White this year! Here's a flashback to the kids last year at Halloween time.
Weren't they just the cutest little pumpkin heads ever??

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Time!

We decided to carve our pumpkins on Sunday.  We were going to wait a little longer so it would be closer to Halloween, but when we got up Sunday morning, we discovered someone stole 3 of the little pumpkins the kids painted at Fifer's.  Who does that? It made me very mad that I had to explain to Aiden that someone came up and took them AND that somebody was that close to my front door with me inside, having no idea. Grrrr! So I figured, we might as well carve the big ones before someone messes with those, so at least we already did the fun part.

Luckily we still had one little pumpkin left from Fifer's and 2 more from Mom-mom aka Aunt Bonnie from when we went camping.  While Patrick and I poked holes in our stencils, the kids got to paint their little pumpkins.
That's a lot of pumpkins!!!

Getting ready to paint her pumpkin

Getting situated

Emma's finished! She couldn't decide whether to paint the pumpkin or the paper!

Aiden's beautiful work!
Working with the extra pumpkin we had
After the kids were done painting it was time to clean out the big pumpkins so Patrick and I could carve them. Don't let these pictures fool you, Aiden has always been disgusted by the "guts" of the pumpkin and will not stick his hand in there.  I think he may have pulled out 2 seeds today. :-)  Emma didn't care for the cleaning out part either.  She did try and touch it, but would then pull her hand away and laugh.  She kept saying "yuck" over and over again. :-)
Pulling out a seed
Probably the farthest he put his hand in
Ewe! This is disgusting!
Em's turn
I'll just use this instead of my hands!
Let's just let Daddy finish for us!
Once they were cleaned up, the kids were over the whole thing and ran around and played while we worked.  I have to admit, after doing Emma's I was kind of over it myself, but I stayed with it and got mine done too. I think next year 2 pumpkins should be plenty!
Em's plan
Finished pumpkin
Aiden's original plan...

What he ended up getting because choice 1 was too much trouble!

Watching Patrick work on his Mario pumpkin
Finished Mario, with a giant nose!
Emma "cooking" while we carve pumpkins

Patrick's ghost pumpkin

My bat in the moon pumpkin...yeah I know, I see the bat but not the moon so much
 Then we had to put them outside, of course.  Aiden had a place planned out for each one of them.

 And last, which I think was Aiden favorite part was to light a candle in each one so we could see how they glowed!

I hope that no one touches those pumpkins! I want to put a picture of the kids out there so they can see who's heart they'll break if they touch them. Fingers crossed!!