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Our Family
December 2013

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Doctor Visit

Since I'm so late today, I'll keep it pretty short. This morning I had my 2nd prenatal appointment and everything looks/sounds great! Yay!! Baby Forey has a very strong heartbeat and is just the sweetest sound to any Mommy's ears!

At my last appointment she did an ultrasound to determine how far along I am and she discovered a cyst on my ovary.  To most people, that's no big deal. In fact, she didn't even flinch, just told me it was there and took a picture of it for my records.  Well, Mom was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in 2006 so after I got home and started looking online, you can understand my worries. 

Today, we talked about it and she said all is okay. It looks completely normal and she's not concerned at all. She told me that she did mark it in my charts to have them look at it during every ultrasound just sort of to ease my mind.  Shew! So hopefully that little bugger goes away, on it's own, soon!

AND I have been eating absolutely horribly this past month! I'm talking cheeseburgers, chips, pizza, dips, cakes, cookies... You name and if it's fat and greasy...it's going in my belly!!! So I was nervous to get on the scale! Huge surprise to me, I didn't gain any weight! Now that, my friends, is a miracle!!! So to celebrate, tonight's it's all about cheesesteaks! :-)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Yep. I'm that Mom.

Aiden had a sleepover Saturday night with his best friend, Hunter.  Sunday morning I was missing him like crazy.  The house seemed so empty without hearing him!  Emma missed him too.  She just kept saying, "Aiden, Aiden". She just couldn't understand where the heck he was!

This makes me realize that I am that mom.  I am probably always going to be too involved in my kids' lives, not like that weird freak way though!  I'm never going to go on trips or vacations without them because I'll miss them too darn much, and what kind of a vacation is it if you can't have your kids with you?  I'll always try to make everything better, even though sometimes it's just outta my control.  Most likely, I'll always spoil them, even though I promise I'll try to not make them self-centered, spoiled brats (like I see on Dr. Phil)!

I promise I'll try not to become that overbearing, annoying mom so that my kids can't stand to be around me.  But just sitting here when I had not seen Aiden for the couple of hours he would have been awake Sunday morning, makes me realize...I am that mom.  Hope my kids are okay with that! :-)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Y3W: Miss Ghetto America

A couple Friday's ago I mentioned Miss Ghetto America. It's something I've done with my family/friends for the past 5 years. If you missed that post, you can find it here. For those that don't feel like back tracking we get together the night Miss America is on and have our own competition.  We select the different states (like a fantasy football sort of thing) and we stay in the competition based on how our "girls" perform. Whoever has the state that was the real Miss America, wins Miss Ghetto America. And yes we have a real crown...this is serious people!!

Originally it was just required to wear sweats and be comfy. As the years have passed, the rule still stands to be comfy, but we've had a couple different "uniforms". One year it was an embroidered t-shirt, the next year we made our own ghetto fabulous shirts, and this year, the uniform was the Forever Lazy.  Not a good look if you are concerned about your figure in pictures because those things make anyone look about 500 lbs!!

2 of the past winners...me and Kim

The other 2 past winners...Kelly & Kaye
The contestants laid out for our draft
The junk food feast, which is calorie free for the night!!
And the perfect drink of the night:
Or Sparkling Grape Juice for those who are pregnant...
 And what the night is all about...
Taking home the crown!!
The night usually starts off with Jello Shots because who doesn't love those?!

(Aimee your welcome for leaving yours out...I don't want payback for your face!)

There's always rules you have to listen to. These rules can change at any time, though it's never helped me win!
Kaye giving me dirty looks when she's supposed to be listening!
Kelly listening very closely to the rules
After feasting on some junk food and having lots of good smack talk, it's time to get down to business and get our local titles and tiaras!
Little Miss America
Miss Prison Guard Princess
Miss Moonshine Mama
Miss Can't Fold 'Em Milford
Miss Morning Sickness Mama working that Forever Lazy!
Miss Iphone Addict, not facing the camera!
 Then it's time for press photos of all the contestants together...
And don't forget the backs with our ghetto nicknames! Excuse the extremely large looking asses...like I said the Forever Lazy is comfy, not flattering!
Da Candi Shoppe, Lil' Mama, Pookie D, Glammie Grammie, and The Shiz
Now that eating and getting our titles is over, it's time for the draft! This is a very stressful time! Everyone used to get their own time at the table and now people are all kinds of hovering trying to get in your head so you won't pick one they want.  And don't dare say, "I want Miss ____" because surely it will be snatched up quick!!
The Shiz got first round draft pick this year...didn't help her much though!
The draft is complete and these are my girls that can win me the crown!!
This is still when I was positive I was winning!

Finally, the show starts and the competition is on! At this point there is all kinds of smack talk going on and making fun of each others girls.  They immediately cut the girls down to 15 and we start our top 15 board...
So I only have 3 chances to take the darn crown...that's better than Candi's one!
Lil' Mama won the Top 15 prize! Woot! Woot!
And then it's cut some more...
Top 10 Board, we're all still in!
These 2 ladies are my only hope!
And down to 5...this year we each had one girl left in the Top 5, that's never happened before!

When the current Miss America takes her final walk, our current Miss Ghetto America does the same.  She uses this time to thank the little people, make threats, whatever works.  Glammie Grammy took her title very seriously and decided to write a farewell speech. If I didn't know any better I would swear that I saw tears!

And now...the big moment has arrived...

4th Runner Up and the Cool Whip Loser crown goes to...Lil' Mama
Pure devastation!
Rocking the loser crown
3rd Runner Up goes to...Da Candi Shoppe...
And it's down to the final 3...
It's getting intense!
2nd Runner Up...The Shiz...oh man!!!
So sad!
And the winner is...
Damn it!!!!!! Glammie Grammie beat me!
Being crowned Miss Ghetto America 2012
And Miss Ghetto America always gets her shirt with our slogan...

Hanging out in the loser's lounge...

This pretty much sums up the whole night...good food, great memories, and LOTS of laughter!!

I love this night! And Kaye, I hope you enjoy that crown while it lasts because it's coming back home with me next year!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

When's my Due Date Anyway??

I went to the OB/GYN on December 1st, the day after I took a pregnancy test and found out #3 is on it's way.  I know when your pregnant they usually don't see you until 8 or 9 weeks or so but I was already schedule for my annual appointment so I just decided to keep the appointment and let her know I was pregnant once I was there. 

Of course I had/have no idea what the date of my last period was.  I had kept track of it for awhile there but then I just sort of forgot in all the madness that goes on each day.  I know it was here in October and I'm betting it was in the 20's. I'm pretty sure it was gone by Halloween so by process of elimination, I guessed it was on or around October 23rd.  She went with it and determined my due date would be July 28th.

I went back January 4th for my first "real" prenatal appointment and she did and ultrasound to determine just how far along I really was.  I was measuring 9 weeks, 5 days.  When counting it out, 40 weeks puts me at August 3rd.  She said she was just going to leave it down as our original July 28th date since really, most babies come whenever they want to anyway.

Now when people ask when I'm due, I don't know what to say!! I feel like I'm cutting myself short if I say July 28th so I've just said, oh July/August, right around the change of the months.

Why does everything need to be difficult!?!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Piggy Tails

Why is it that little girl's hair seems to take so long to grow in or that it grows in crazy ways? By this age, Aiden had at least a few haircuts...Emma none to date.  Her hair is getting longer, but it seems like only in the back. Oh sweet mullet. At least she's cute enough to pull it off.  And we finally have enough to do little piggy tails back there!


So the part isn't perfect, but I'm learning and 20 month olds do NOT sit still long enough for perfect part anyway! And the best thing is she loves them too! If I mention doing her hair pretty she'll run upstairs for me to start and she'll throw a fit if you don't do them immediately!

I love baby piggies!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Fun Christmas Gift

For Christmas, Aiden and Emma got a new trampoline from their Aunt Jen and Aunt Bailee.  It was to be a surprise so I had to try and keep them locked up inside with the blinds closed while Jen and Bailee got to work.  Aiden is a sneaky one though so he saw the picture on the box when they were carrying it around back.  He still promised to act surprised when he was allowed to go out and see it! :-)

It's a huge hit and both kids love it! I love that it's the perfect size for them and has the safety net around it to keep them locked up inside.  Aiden likes to bounce all around the place, sometimes knocking Emma down and no he doesn't always help her back up but she seems cool with it.  Emma loves to run around the outside of it where the blue part covers the springs. Smart girl, trying to get away from Aiden.
Emma's face shows the fun she's having! Love it!


Now, if only it would get and stay warmer outside so they could actually play on it more often!