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Our Family
December 2013

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Having Fun with Goo!

Yesterday, both Aiden and I were bored so I decided to hit the internet to find something we could make together while Emma napped.  I found something called goop.  It had many different recipes to make it, but I needed something that called for what I already had in the house.  I came across one for Goo.

In order to make the Goo you'll need 16 oz cornstarch, 1 1/2 cups water, and food coloring (if you want to make it a color).  Great! And I happened to have all 3 things!

Step 1: Pour the box of cornstarch in a bowl and smile for Mommy!

Step 2: Add 1 1/2 cups of water to the cornstarch

Step 3: If you want your Goo to be a certain color add about 15 drops of food coloring (or if you're Aiden 52 because you get so excited to squeeze the bottle!)

Step 4: Time to get messy and use your hands to mix it all up!

Step 5: Have fun!!!

Aiden didn't want to get his hands dirty at first, but once I got in there and showed him what it would do he thought it was awesome!

It's like a solid, but then also a liquid!  We could make a ball but then just as soon as you stopped patting it, it would "melt" back down.  Aiden had a great time making hills and then screaming, "It's melting!" as it would go back down.
Watching it pour off of his fingers back into the bowl

Looks like a puddle, but it's more solid to the touch

Trying to get a picture of his hand prints before they melt away
Yes, this was slightly messy, but well worth the fun he had playing with it.  It also turned his hands a light tint of blue, but I'm thinking it's because he used way more food coloring than it called for and they didn't stay colored for long. I played with it too and my hands were fine, maybe because I washed them now and again to snap pictures!

So fun!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Y3W: Delaware State Fair

This next statement may make me sound like a bit of a hillbilly, but...I love the fair!! I've been going ever since I can remember and have so many fond memories of it, from concerts, to rides, to food and family, and being caught in rain storms, way too many things to list here.

Now I get to see the joy and excitement that my kids get from the fair. Emma doesn't quite get it yet, she just knows it's hot and she doesn't love that, but Aiden finally gets excited! We took the kids down Tuesday evening when the humidity finally went away for a little bit.  Aiden was wound up as soon as he saw the rides from the car.

Our first stop was dinner...what?!?! Food of one of the big reasons to go to the fair! We decided on what else, chicken fingers and fries because we figured the kids would like those...the fries were a hit, but Aiden didn't like the "flavor" of the chicken.
Dinner time
Fried goodness
Emma enjoying dinner
From dinner we decided to go look at the animals.  We went to the little zoo they had where you can feed the animals.  They had goats, kangaroos, and a giraffe.  Aiden told Patrick he wanted to feed the goat, but changed his mind once he saw that the goat would actually touch him. :-) So Patrick did it instead, until he got the idea to hold the cup up to the goat instead of putting the food on his hand. The goat snatched the cup outta his hand and ate it all, cup included. Oops!!

Emma checking out the goats
The big, greedy goat!
Showing Aiden how to feed the goat
Feeding Mr. Goat a snack
Checking out the kangaroo
 Next we headed to see the cows and pigs.  Aiden didn't seem to care too much about those, but Emma seemed to like them. After the animals we started to walk to the back of the fair to play on a tractor maze thing.  We had to stop along the way to take a couple of pictures, of course!

Here they are playing back where the tractors are. Aiden loves to ride on the tractors for about 2 minutes and then would rather run around the circle on top of the hay!

She was smacking the straw and thought it was funny when it stuck to her hand

Next up was to look at the baby chicks! It is always packed at the baby chicks! Patrick squeezed his way up to get one for the kids to touch and look at.  When he got one and brought it over to Emma, I looked back and Aiden had grabbed one out himself.  Poor little chickie! I'm sure they're used to it being people pick them up all day, but it made me nervous! I don't know if Emma just had an attitude because she was hot or she was just unsure of the creature we put in her face, but she was not interested in the chick at all.  She just turned her head away and buried it in her stroller. At least Aiden liked it! :-)

Giving the chick a dirty look
What is that??
Aiden wants to hold it, Emma wants it gone!

Holding the chick!
We stopped to watch the parade they have every night and I have to give a shout out to the Elvis impersonator that threw Emma her beaded necklace.  She wore that thing for the rest of the night! Thank you Mr. Elvis!

Aiden had been asking to ride the rides all evening so that's where we finally went. Goodness! Those things are ridiculous!! I would love to know how much money it brought in from the rides.  We didn't get many pictures because it was starting to get dark and was super crowded so we were more concerned with making sure when knew where everyone was at all times! Aiden's favorite ride...a Super Mario Fun House! They've never had that there before and he is super obsessed with Mario so it was a perfect way to end our fair rides!

She is over the stroller!

Once we were done the rides it was time for ice cream before we headed home.  We went to the best place back by the grandstand so we could hear a bit of the Ke$ha concert.  She was singing "Blow" when we got back there and Emma was in her glory. She was dancing up a storm in her stroller and was even fist pumping on our way by.  Hahaha That was definitely a move I never saw her do before!

And who can go to the fair without getting some sort of souvenir? Not Aiden.  He saw a light saber that lit up blue so he had to have it!  I couldn't leave Emma out so she got a little pink one.  She had fun waving it around to everyone on our way out.  I got some pictures of the kids playing with them in the car on the way home.  Of course Emma couldn't sit still so her pictures are all crazy looking. I swear she was doing it on purpose because she was laughing the whole time!

Aiden's cool light saber
Emma's waving her wand all around
She thought it was so funny that I was trying to get a picture of her
Aiden wants to wave his!
Fighting the bad guys
What a great trip to the fair! Lots of yummy food was eaten and great memories were made!