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Our Family
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Emma's 17 Months

17 months old. Wow! These months are just flying by!

You are getting so big! You look so much taller to me all of a sudden. I don't know if it's the clothes since we need to wear pants now instead of shorts or if you finally had a growth spurt.  The past couple of times we went to the doctor you were just about the same height every time, but I bet the next time we go, you've gained a couple inches!!

You are such a ham and love the camera.  You'll go up and grab it now to pull it off the table and say cheese while you're pulling it down.  Saying the word cheese makes for some pretty funny pictures too, since you aren't quite smiling when you say it. You do still make fabulous faces that can always make us laugh!!

You are a big helper around the house! You put your cup or bowl into the sink when you're done.  You turn off the tv if we are getting ready to go somewhere, throw trash away in the trashcan, put your or Aiden's clothes on the steps if they need to go upstairs, and try to sweep the kitchen floor.

Uh-oh is your all time favorite saying right now.  You say that about everything! If I drop something, "uh-oh", if you drop something, "uh-oh", Aiden, Daddy, TV, a stranger...doesn't matter, it's "uh-oh". Sometimes I swear you'll drop things on purpose just so you can say it!  You're saying lots of new words and repeating a lot of what we say.  Some words you say (because I can't remember just the new ones) are: uh-oh, shish (fish), pea (please), drink, bye bye, hi, shut, baby, up, more, puppy, done, gin (again), Dada, Aiden, car, ball, pretty, eye, head, belly, Mama, shoes, sit, honk, tweet tweet, no, Emma, cheese, mine, cracker, cookie, cupcake, diaper, hot, hop, pumpkin, boo, gotcha, stars, and lots more, but on the spot I can't think right now.
You have 9 teeth now! Not all 9 of those are completely in, but they've broken the surface so we're counting them!  You are wearing 18 months, and some 24 months - 2T clothing right now.  Shoes are still difficult because the tops of your little feet are still to chubby to fit into some.  You are mostly in 4 or 5's.  You're in a size 5 diaper.

You love to do art projects with Aiden.  You like coloring, painting, and the other day you made a pumpkin! You did a great job getting his eyes, nose, and mouth in the general area they belong!  You love reading gossip magazines with Mommy!

Love you big girl!!

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