Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Monday, October 10, 2011

2011 Blogger's Getting to Know You

This is the 2011 Blogger's Getting to Know You.  If you are reading this post and have a blog of your own you have been officially tagged (You thought I forgot didn't you Aimee? :-) It took me a couple days, I did remember!).  You must answer the following questions in your own blog.

1.  What did you want to be when you grew up? A teacher

2.  What has been the biggest surprise of your life?  How much joy your family/kids can bring you.  I knew I always enjoyed being around kids (I wanted to be a teacher for forever), but once you have your own kids...Wow! There is no putting it into words!

3.  Name three things that you love (they can NOT be family related):  Shopping, Massages, Junk Food

4.  Name three of your guilty pleasures.  Reality TV (don't care what it is, I'll watch it!), Salty snacks, Facebook 

5. When is the last time you were on an airplane and where did you go?  That's easy...only been on a plane once and hated it! It was for our honeymoon to Jamaica.

6.  Name one thing that is on your bucket list.  Is it sad that I don't really have a bucket list?  If I come across things I wanna do, I'll do it, but I can't really think of something that I just have to do before I die. 

7.  If you had a superhuman power what would it be?  Oh, I've always thought it would be cool to be able to fly. Imagine, no waiting in traffic! I also think it would be cool to just be able to snap my fingers and be where ever I was headed.  Is that a superhuman power? Probably not, but it would be awesome!

8.  Name three things that you are afraid of:  Hands down losing my family members, spiders, noises when I'm home alone at night

9.  What is the most recent personal goal you have attained.  Losing over 40 lbs! Woot! Woot! Just had to buy a size that I don't think I've ever bought before!

10.  What is the best part of your life?  My husband and kids.  Love them SO much!

11.  Name three things that you couldn't live without (can't be family, church or job related).  My weekly pig out, the internet, tv (sad but true)

12.  What is the bravest thing you have ever done?  Brave? Me? I'm kind of a chicken!  Only thing popping in my head is having 2 kids both drug free.  I may not have really planned for drug free, but I still did it!

13. When you were a child, what "star" did you have a crush on? Joey Mcintyre (New Kids on the Block)

14.  Name three things you love to do on a Sunday:  Hang out with Patrick and the kids, catch up on some DVR'ed shows, run errands/shop with the family

15.  Who is the first person you spoke to this morning?  Patrick

16.  Who is the last person that you kissed? Patrick

17.  What are you wearing right now? Blue shirt and yoga pants

18.  Who is the last person you texted? Kelly

19.  Name one thing you are looking forward to.  Camping with the family next weekend

20.  Why do you blog? I had been reading a few blogs since I was pregnant with Emma and always thought it was something that I might be interested in, but never really thought anyone would care to read it.  Through the couple that I had followed, I realized it was a great way of keeping track of memories and milestones for the kids and so it began...

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