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Our Family
December 2013

Friday, September 30, 2011

Y3W: Things I'm Loving...

  1. Playing hide and seek with the kids.  Emma is the super hide and seek player. She finds Aiden every time (ok, so he hides in a lot of not so hard to find him places, but it's still adorable!).  She'll run right over to where he is and point and laugh, sometimes hitting him to let him know she found him.  Now, hiding with Emma, she'll give you away every time, but she gets so excited it makes me smile every time we play!
  2. Playing hopscotch with Aiden.  He loves this game lately and every time we can get outside without Emma, that's what we play. I love his serious face when he's concentrating to jump in the right box!
  3. Multigrain tostido's.  Omg! I'm obsessed with these right now! Yum!
  4. Being able to wear jeans!! Let's face it's I'm not really a shorts kind of girl! My legs are probably the palest on Earth and I think that no matter what I do, they always will be!  I'm loving that now I can finally wear jeans without sweating to death!
  5. When Emma grabs her purse, picnic basket, anything really that can fit onto her arm. She hoists it up there and then goes around the room to give everyone a kiss and says "Baaa" aka "bye" pretending she's going somewhere. :-)
  6. How big and tough my boy is. When went to get their flu shots last Thursday and I was told Aiden could get the nasal spray one. Shew! Meltdown avoided! Well, when we got there we were told that he wasn't able to get it after all and he had to get a regular shot.  He was not happy, but he did it and got it in his arm rather than his leg like a big kid.  Only a few silent tears escaped and then he was over it! What a big boy!
  7. That all our shows are back on! I love that when we sit down at night now, we actually have things to watch.
  8. Aiden is actually able to entertain himself for a little awhile in the morning as long as someone turns the tv on for him, which means Patrick and I are able to get a little extra sleep before Emma wakes up.  (Ok, I guess I mean Patrick gets a little extra sleep. Remember, Aiden only wants him in the morning, not me. But, I'm still happy that he's learning to entertain himself!)
  9. How much Emma adores Aiden...well, most of the time anyway.  If she can't find him she'll wander around yelling "A-den" or more like "A -din".  It is so cute! I should really try to catch some of this stuff on video, but everytime I get it out, she wants to run behind it to see what I'm recording. Kind of makes it hard to catch her!
  10. How great Aiden is getting at writing! He is also really good at writing his numbers too. And the other day he was playing games on the computer and I looked over and he was playing a game using math and was getting them right! Wow!
  11. How much Emma is talking now. We may be the only ones that knows clearly what she is saying, but she is repeating a ton of words.  I was trying to get her to tell me Happy Birthday the other day. Happy came out so clearly, birthday was more of a "ugh", like "don't you know how hard that word is?"  What a smart girl!
  12. The crazy things Aiden says.  A couple days ago I asked Aiden if he was ever going to get his ears pierced.  I don't know what I saw on TV that made me think of it, but I wanted to quickly tell him I was never gonna take him.  He got this weird look on his face and was like, "Why, so I can wear urines?"  Hahaha! Urines.  Hilarious.  He proceeded with, "Mommy, urines are for girls." :-) That's right bud, they are, and by the way, it's earrings. :-)  I love that boy!


    Thursday, September 29, 2011

    Birthdays are the best!

    You may remember that Tuesday was my birthday...are you over it? :-) Hey, I could make a big deal the whole month, but I try to stick to the day, okay, maybe a couple days!

    It was a perfect day! Patrick arranged to be off for the day so I was able to spend the day with him and the kids.  He told me that we could go to the outlets down at the beach so I could get some new clothes since a lot of my clothes from last year are a little bit big. Yay! I LOVE shopping and you don't have to ask me twice. This sounded like a great plan! After shopping we decided we would to go to dinner at Nino's. I love this place and so wish they would get one closer to us!

    Since we were going out for dinner we thought we would wait to go the the beach until after lunch so we could save a little money there and hopefully the kids would nap on the way down so they wouldn't be little monsters while we were there.  Wishful thinking.  It didn't work...they both stayed awake the whole time so needless to say they were a bit of a handful in the stores.  Thank goodness I have such a laid back, easy going husband! He didn't even get mad when I would just walk away to look at things and pretend that I didn't know those loud, screaming kids.  Thanks babe!

    Here we are at home before we headed out for the day:
    Aiden took this one. Pretty good for his little hands to hoist up the big camera and get us in the middle!
    Not so great of Emma, but again I was impressed with Aiden's skills!

    It was a great time and I got a bunch of new shirts to wear.  It's awesome to have a day where you can go and pick up stuff that normally you wouldn't think of getting...unless it was from Target or Walmart!

    Dinner was awesome, as usual, and the kids were much happier to be eating than strapped in a seat.  Can you blame them?

    After dinner it was home for presents and cake.

    Overall it was a fabulous day! I was totally spoiled and enjoyed every minute of it! I have the best husband and kids around! Love you guys!!

    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    Wordless Wednesday: Masked Children

    Sunday I was going through old pictures and came across a couple from when Aiden was younger and we were wearing gel masks. Of course he immediately wanted to know if we still had them and where they were. They were in the fridge so we got them out and he thought they were fabulous.  Emma didn't like it at all at first, which I can't blame her because they're pretty darn cold when you first put them on, but after it warmed up she was all in for the fun too!


    Tuesday, September 27, 2011

    Happy Birthday To Me!

    Happy Birthday to me! Today I turn 32 years old...that's not old, right?! I guess it depends on who you're asking! At least Aiden told me I was only 14 the other day. Shew! At least he doesn't think I'm old!

    This weekend we had one of my closest friends, Kelly, and her kids over to pig out, enjoy some cocktails, and run our mouths.  Pizza, chips & dip, daiquiris, wine, cake, & good company...that's a great way to spend a Saturday if you ask me! And the best part, we got to dress in our comfy clothes! When you plan on eating as much as we were, you need the comfy pants!!  Both the grown-ups and kids had a great time!

    Today I get to spend the whole day with the family. We're heading down to the outlets for a little shopping spree in a little while. We'll see how much I can find before Aiden and Emma hit their limit! :-) But as long as I'm hanging with them, I'll have a good time!

    Happy Birthday to me!

    Monday, September 26, 2011

    Football Sunday

    Every man has got to look forward to the day that they have a son and bonding with that son over football.  Aiden is only 4, and up to this point shows no interest in football whatsoever. Poor Patrick. He'll try and get Aiden to sit with him to watch some of the game and he just can't do it. I can't blame him, I barely ever make it through watching an entire game either.  Yesterday, when Patrick went to put his jersey on he asked Aiden if he wanted to wear one too and surprisingly Aiden said he did. He looked so cute, even if it was 3000 times too big! :-)

    He actually sat and watched some of the game with Patrick.  I think Patrick was in heaven!
     He didn't make it through a lot of the game before he moved on to playing Thomas on the computer and then watched a movie.  As Cars was playing I heard little snores and realized that he had passed right out.  And look how sweet (and uncomfortable) he looks...

    The Patriots didn't end up winning this week but Aiden will never know. ;-)

    Friday, September 23, 2011

    Y3W: Questions with Aiden

    Awhile ago on Facebook my cousin asked her 2 boys a bunch of questions and got some pretty funny responses.  I decided to ask Aiden some questions at different ages to see the types of answers I would get.  I asked him these the other day (4 years, 3 months old): 
    1. What are you going to be when you grow up?  Climbing trees (?? Really??)
    2. What is Emma going to be when she grows up?  Something easy
    3. How old is Mommy?  I don't know how old (A couple days later he said I was 14. I'll take that!)
    4. How old is Daddy?  I still don't know
    5. What is your favorite place to go?  That place where me and Hunter went to, the bouncy place...Xbo's   
    6. What's your favorite thing to do with Mommy?  Everything {He's getting an extra snack tonight! :-)}
    7. What's your favorite thing to do with Daddy?  Don't tell me. Still everything
    8. What is Mommy's job?  The same thing that I do. And what is that? Climb trees
    9. And Daddy's?  I don't know what he does at work.
    10. What is your favorite toy?  Mario
    11. What is something Mommy always says to you?  Time out (Not true at all, but it could be now since that's all he apparently hears!)
    12. What makes Mommy happy?  Me being good
    13. Who is your best friend?  Hunter
    14. How do you know Mommy and Daddy love you?  Kiss me and hug me
    15. What does Mommy do if you're not around?  Cry
    16. What is Mommy really good at?  Tight roping on chalk (Hahahaha)
    17. What is Mommy really bad at?  Football video game
    18. What is Daddy really good at?  Playing hopscotch. Everyone is good at playing hopscotch.
    19. What is Daddy really bad at?  Tight roping (Why this is on his mind, I don't know!)
    20. What is your favorite food? Pancakes
    21. What's your favorite thing to do outside? Play Mario quicksand
    22. What is your favorite thing to do with Emma? Hide and seek
    23. What are you scared of?  You don't even need to ask. Ghostes (yes, that's how he said that, it's not a typo) are scary and even pumpkins, if they're alive.   
    24. Who is the funniest person you know?  There's no funny person in this town. (Not true, I'm hilarious!)
    25. Who's the best dancer that you know? He didn't answer out loud, but he pointed right at me. :-) (Guess all that dancing in the kitchen payed off!)     

    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    Aiden's First Year

    In a post a week or two ago, I had pictures showing Emma as she was growing up from birth until now.  I want to do the same thing for Aiden to see how much he's changed. Of course we didn't have the laptop back when he was little so I had to scan his pictures in, which means they aren't so great looking, and so far I only got up to 14 months.  After 14 months the rest of his pictures haven't been put into albums or even a neat picture box with them all in order.  I take a lot of pictures if you haven't noticed and it's a very overwhelming task!

    Here's my handsome boy growing up:
    Minutes old
    1 Month

    2 Months

    3 Month
    4 Months

    5 Months

    6 Months

    7 Months

    8 Months

    9 Months
    10 Months

    11 Months

    12 Months

    13 Months

    14 Months

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    95 Days...

    Until Christmas!

    Ahhhhhh!!! That's not very far away at all! How does it always seem to sneak up on me so quickly!

    Today was Patrick's first day off in about 15 days so while he stayed home with Aiden, Emma and I went and got our Christmas shopping started.  I figure it will probably be a lot easier if I do a little here and there vs. just going out and doing it all at once.  I've always been a wait until Black Friday to get started person, but with not being sure that I'm going to be able to go Black Friday this year, it was time to begin.

    So it's official...95 days to get all my shopping done!!


    Saturday, September 17, 2011

    Soccer: Game 2

    Today was Aiden's second soccer game and I am such a proud mommy! He is starting to make some improvements and beginning to get a tad bit braver to kick the ball when it comes his way!! Not only did he get to "kick off" the ball again but he kicked the ball maybe two other times during the game! Wahooo! I have no clue what the final score was or anything, I'm just so excited that he's starting to get a little more into the game! And his favorite part...2 patches today!!! :-)

    Friday, September 16, 2011

    Y3W: Art Time Fun

    The other day Aiden asked if he could color a picture with his new crayons. I thought while he was coloring why not let Emma join in on the fun! I don't know what she was more excited about, coloring with Aiden (since she's colored before) or that I let her sit up at the big table with Aiden. It's the little things! ;-)
    Artists at work
    Concentrating on their work

    She's very excited about this!

    Coloring Thomas

    Still excited she's at the big table!

    What should I do with this color?

    Checking out what Aiden is working on

    Now he needs to see what she's doing

    "Boo" aka blue

    Em's first masterpiece completed by herself

    The next night for Aiden's bedtime story he picked out the book "Little Cloud" by Eric Carle.

     If you haven't read it before it's pretty much about a little cloud leaving the big clouds and turning into different shapes or objects.  While I was reading it I thought that the next day we could paint the little cloud turning into what we wanted it to turn into.

    After Emma had the experience of sitting at the big table with Aiden having fun, there was no way she was letting us do this without her. So she painted with Aiden until her hands got dirty (which she is not a fan of). Her favorite part to do was dip the paintbrush in the paint over and over again whether it was out of paint or not.  Aiden's favorite thing to do...cover the entire paper in paint, of course!
    Painting time!

    I can paint right here??

    Dipping her paintbrush over and over again

    I love the concentration

    Painting his little cloud
    Emma's cloud, Aiden thinks it's an airplane

    Aiden's little cloud turned into a BIG cloud

    My little cloud is supposed to be a hot air balloon. Stop laughing! I hear you! 

    Hey, I never claimed to be an artist!! :-)