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Our Family
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Emma's Got a Boo-Boo

Emma discovered a new talent a week or two ago...climbing out of her crib.  Already?!?!

I was really hoping she would get over it and not think it was such a big deal after the first couple of times.  That didn't happen.  And she's stealthy about it! I turn the monitor up so I can hear her and nothing, but when I go up, there she is not in the crib, usually doing something she shouldn't be.

One day she got the baby q-tips and pulled the cotton off the end of all of them. I still don't know how she got the box of them. She's good.  Another day she had completely emptied the cabinet in her changing table.  At least a couple times I've found her in her closet reading books, good to know she doesn't always go for the naughty choice.  We have always run a noise machine in her room and 2 mornings I've been woken up because she's climbed out and turned it up as high as it would possibly go.  I guess that's better than the annoying alarm clock sound!

The other day when she was napping I was downstairs catching up on a show when I heard a huge BANG and then a scream.  I've never moved so fast up those stairs! When I got there she was laying flat on the floor, her head closest to the crib.  I'm guessing on her way out, she slipped and flipped over and out onto the floor.  Yikes!

Everything appeared to be okay, though she clung to me for quite awhile after that.  Her nose had a little red spot and I just figured she must have bumped it.  Well as a couple of days have passed that little red spot has turned into an ugly little boo-boo. Poor honey! Good news is since then she hasn't climbed out of the crib. That could be because at every little sound I'm up there to make sure she's still in there.

I know we should probably convert her to the toddler bed before she gets hurt again or worse, but she's only 17 months! I'm not ready for that battle yet! So here's to keeping my fingers crossed that she's scared herself enough to stay put for a few more months!!

Poor, sweet little nose :-(

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