Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Monday, October 3, 2011

I Feel Old :-(

For my birthday, Patrick had gotten me a few University of Delaware shirts from the 5 & 10 on Main Street.  One of those shirts would have probably fit a toddler and there's no way at my age should I be squeezing myself into shirts that small so it needed to be exchanged!

Yesterday we loaded the kids up and up we went.  We made a pit stop on the way to take Christy her pizza order and to see the kids. My goodness Chelsey has gotten so big in so little time!! We couldn't stay long because we were on a time limit. The big race was at Dover Downs and we HAD to beat them home or we would get stuck sitting in traffic for hours.  It was nice to see everyone even if it was for only 30 minutes or so.

On to the University of Delaware...now, I guess if you want to get technical I graduated just about 10 years ago...from college! Oh sweet baby Jesus if that doesn't make one feel old!!!!  Nothing makes you feel older than driving down Main Street in your mini van with your 2 kids in the back seeing all these young people walk down the street. 


At least I still look like I'm 21...right?!?!

And things have changed so much up there.  It's been a while since I've been to the campus and just driving through I saw so many new stores, restaurants, and big buildings.  You know it's been awhile if there are new big buildings...those things take awhile to build.  So yes, it was nice seeing everything and showing Aiden where Mommy went to college (and to try and convince him if he has to go away, this would be a great place to go because I can get there in a matter of 60 minutes), but it really made this girl feel like a grown up!

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