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Our Family
December 2013

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Aubrey

Dear Aubrey Grace,

1 year.  It went by in a flash.  I know it always seems that way, but with your brother and sister also keeping us busy, your first year went by in what seems like a blink of an eye.  I would swear we were just at the hospital yesterday to meet you and already it's been 365 days. Wow! 
I love watching the little girl you are becoming.  You are a pretty happy girl who loves to giggle, make tons of messes {in record speed, might I add}, and gets into all kinds of things! You also can be sassy at times, especially with the looks you give! 
You are always on the go! I don't know if you are trying to keep up with Aiden and Emma or if you're trying to get away from them, but you started moving pretty early in life and even took your first steps at 9 months.  Now, at 12 months, you're pretty much a pro and even get to running a lot.  I love watching your chubby little legs go when you're on the move.  It's not always graceful and you often end up crashing down, but that doesn't stop you, you get right back up and head off again! You have had quite a few boo-boos from some tumbles, but after a little snuggling and some kisses you are off on your way again!
You are a pretty determined little girl and you know what you want.  If we have something you want, you'll come stare at us and thrust out your belly, while throwing your arms down at your sides and grunt at us. You'll keep that up until we either give you what you want or until we distract you.  I've tried and tried you get you on video doing it, and every time, you decide whatever we have is not worth it and stop and walk away.  Stinker!

You love your brother and sister so much.  You want to be right with them all the time and follow them all around.  Of course there are times when they drive you crazy with too many hugs and kisses, but they can't help themselves.  You get so excited when Aiden chases you all around.  No one can quite make you squeal with happiness like they can!
You don't have too many words in your vocabulary yet, but you babble all the time.  Some words that you are saying are: Mama, Oh Wow!, thank you, sit down, Aiden, Dada, and ut oh. {There might be a couple more that I'm forgetting on the spot.} One of my favorite things is when someone or something makes a noise and you'll stop what you're doing and gasp and look around for the noise and then look at us to make sure that we heard it as well.  :-) I wish I had a video of that, but then you'd be distracted and wouldn't notice the noises around us.

You love to wave goodbye and blow kisses to us when we leave the house and you'll wave to pretty much any car that drives by. When we were camping, you were the welcoming committee to all the campers that showed up, as every car passed by, there you were waving to them!
And blowing your kisses because it's too cute not to share...
You are quite the dare devil and I'm sure that you're going to be the one that has us in the emergency room first! You've discovered how to climb up on chairs.  At first it was the little table chairs, which immediately lead to you climbing on top of the table and then you figured out you could climb on the chairs out on the back deck.  I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you learn how to escape from your crib.  We'll just hope that we still have plenty of time before that happens!
Yup. I told you, you are nonstop with the naughtiness!

Speaking of your crib, you are still an awesome sleeper! You still take 2 naps a day {if we're home} and are ready for bed by 7:30 pm. We'll head up to your room with a bottle of milk and I'll rock you while you finish your bottle.  I know now that you're 1, I need to start weening the bottle away, but it's our time and I love it.  I know, with you being our third baby, that those sweet night time snuggles don't last long enough so I'll take full advantage and soak up every minute that I can! After we rock, you'll go down {usually without a fuss} and sleep until 6:45-7:45 the next morning. When you wake up, you'll babble to yourself for awhile and throw everything that's in your crib {a blanket, a little taggie blanket, your seahorse, and a stuffed duck} out onto the floor, except your duck, you usually throw him in your hamper.  Could you be a future basketball star?? :-)
You are still a great eater! You might even be the best eater of the 3 of you.  You'll try pretty much anything we offer, even if you'll only take a couple bites of it.  You LOVE snacks! You get that from your mommy, for sure!! You still only have your two bottom teeth so we're limited on what we can give you, but some of your favorites are:  peas, green beans, grilled cheese, pancakes, cereal bars, yogurt, sandwich cheese, crackers, and cake.  Oh yes, sweet girl, you definitely have a sweet tooth! 
You are such a silly girl.  Lately when we see you doing something you shouldn't be, you'll stop and run over to us and hug our legs. :-) Smart girl...trying to distract us with your sweet, cuteness.  And I love it how you constantly shake your head no to whatever question we might ask you.  You often shake your head no, right on cue to the question.
You love to "tackle" us if we're on the floor and smother us with your big, slobbery kisses. Sometimes instead of the kisses, its the hair pulling. I much prefer the kisses!
You love to dance! Whenever you hear music in the kitchen, you'll stop and start dancing.  I think you're favorite song is "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke.  You seem to get the most excited when that one comes on.
You love to look at yourself on the phone and stick your tongue in and out. {It's hard to describe so just watch below.}
You make the cutest little squishy, smiley face all the time.  I love that squishy face.

You are such a joy and bring so many laughs, smiles, and sweet memories to our life. I can't wait to see what this next year brings! I love you, Aubrey Grace! <3

Love You,

And your 12 month stats:

Weight:  22 lbs 9 oz (75th percentile)
Height:  30.91 in   (95th percentile)