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Our Family
December 2013

Friday, July 27, 2012

Baby #3 - 39 Weeks

Okay so technically, according to my doctor tomorrow is my official due date, but according to the ultrasound that I had awhile ago and the baby's measurements at that time, my due date is August 3rd.  That's what I've been going off of anyway, but I suppose maybe I should have been using the doctor's date since they are the ones that order the tests/inductions, and such. And? I feel like maybe the August 3rd date is right because right now...nothing...I feel like nothing is going to happen...ever. This baby is so comfy and warm and cozy and just can't get enough of all the yumminess that I eat that I swear he/she is never coming out of there.  And honestly?  I'm slightly okay with that.  Apparently there hasn't been enough time between Emma and this one for me to forget about the pain I am about to feel.  :-/  If you've followed from the beginning and read my birth stories with Aiden and Emma, you know my babies don't usually play around! When they are ready, they are ready...quickly!  I am totally thankful for this, believe me, but when you are constantly worrying about where your husband will be working that day, how long it will take for him to get home, if I'll be able to get ahold of my grandmother to come stay with the kids and still make it to the hospital in time; you can see the stress it would cause.  I am SO excited to meet this little one, but I am looking forward to the after labor part the most. :-)

How Far Along: 39 weeks depending on which date you'd like to follow

Total Weight Gain: + 35 (Now that it's getting close to the end, I'm trying to eat everything I can!)

Sleep: Not comfortable at all

Best Moment This Week:  Getting my fix of fair food!  Oh I'm such a fatty! Fair food makes me so happy! :-)

Movement: Yes! And it's starting to hurt!

Gender:  We'll find out any day! Eeeeek!

Labor Signs: Still have the menstrual cramps and pressure, though that seems to have lightened up some (exactly why I say this baby is never coming out).  At the doctor this week I was still 2-3 cm, maybe 3 cm she said and I'm now 50% effaced. The baby was at -1 station.  So some progress but certainly not as much as I was hoping for.  I know, I know...the baby could come any time without any progress but I like to be as far along as I can without having double over, kill me now contrations.   

Belly Button: Flattening out...yuck!

Cravings: Fatness since I know this is almost over and then I'll have to start behaving myself again

Wedding Rings On or Off: Still on but getting tighter

What I Miss: Being comfortable, getting up off the couch comfortably, sleeping comfortably  

What I am Looking Forward to:  Holding this little one in my arms!

How Big is Baby:  About 20 inches and a little over 7 lbs (like a mini watermelon)
Next Appt: Doctor Visit - July 31, Induction scheduled for August 3rd, though if this baby doesn't show on his or her own by the 31st I'm going to talk to the doctor about putting it back a little bit.  I really don't want to be induced and since I've gone into labor on my own with my other 2, I know my body can do it.  I'm not talking crazy about never getting it done, but if you even go off the July 28th due date, August 3rd doesn't even put me at a week overdue.  Who knows, maybe she won't budge, maybe she will, we'll see. And it would be really nice if this sweet little peanut would just come on their own and avoid this whole problem. :-)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Silly Emma

So yesterday I was going from my room to downstairs and I heard Emma in her room messing around in her dresser drawers.  I went in to see what she was doing and saw she was dragging shorts out of the drawer and wasn't wearing the ones we had dressed her in that day.  I asked her what she was doing and she told me that she needed these shorts, these shorts.  I looked in her dirty clothes and there were the shorts she had on.  I asked her why she took them off and put them in the dirty clothes and she tells me, "I fart in those."  Hahahaha  Guess she thought because she farted in them, they were dirty.  Oh this girl, cracks me up!! :-)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Baby #3 - 38 Weeks

This week has been uncomfortable, very much so.  I know it's getting to be a tight fit in there for our little one because I can feel every shift, roll, turn, hiccup, etc.  Those sweet little movements aren't feeling so sweet anymore.  I would swear that sometimes he or she is just gonna pop right through my belly (like Aiden thinks they do anyway). And yesterday I woke up with a constant sciatic nerve pain through my behind, only for them to shift during the afternoon to put a ton of pressure on the lady bits, where now I must take my time and waddle for it not to be too painful.  Pregnancy is wonderful! :-)  But I know this will all be over soon so I'm trying to enjoy every second!

How Far Along: 38 weeks 

Total Weight Gain: + 34 (Now that it's getting close to the end, I'm trying to eat everything I can!)

Sleep: Getting very uncomfortable!

Best Moment This Week:  Going to the doctor and hearing there has been some more progress

Movement: Yes! And it's starting to hurt!

Gender:  We'll find out in a couple of weeks, at most!

Labor Signs: Cramping here and there and pressure at times. At the doctor Tuesday morning I was 2-3 cm dilated.  I saw a different doctor so she said that could be why it was a slightly different measurement but she didn't really see much of a difference with my dilating.  This surprised me, I really thought with the cramping I have had that I'd be more, but I know some women go into labor at nothing so I'll take my 2-3, I just like to get as far as I can before the super pain starts! And she told me that I'm about 40% thinned out now.  At the previous appt I was still pretty long so that was some progress I'll take! :-)

Belly Button: Flattening out...yuck!

Cravings: Cookies and cream ice cream/frozen yogurt...love!

Wedding Rings On or Off: I can't believe these are still on! With both Aiden and Emma they were long gone by now!

What I Miss: Being able to get down and play with the kids without being uncomfortable 

What I am Looking Forward to:  Holding this little one in my arms!

How Big is Baby:  A bit over 19 1/2 inches and about 6.8 lbs (like a leek)
Next Appt: Doctor Visit - July 24th and they already scheduled my induction for August 3rd in case they don't wanna come on there own (I'm praying this doesn't have to happen, though it would be convenient to plan for where the kids will be!)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Waiting for Baby

With only a week and a half to go, I think we've got all we can ready to go...

Now, we just sit and wait...:-)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finally...A Name for Baby!

I just realized that I don't think I've ever mentioned what name we have decided on for the new baby.  First of all, why does choosing a name have to be so darn hard!?!? You have to make sure that it sounds good for a bitty, bitty baby, but then you also have to be able to picture them as a grown woman or man being able to use that name.  I don't know why, but I always picture them on their wedding day when they are saying their vows and have to repeat their name...will it be acceptable or will it make them sound like a little kid getting married.

I've always had my favorites. Ever since I was younger it was no question...if it was a girl, it'd be Grace and if it was a boy, Jackson.  But, as you can see...I have a boy and his name isn't Jackson and our little girl isn't Grace.  I don't know why, but when they came along, I questioned the names.  Could it be that I had thought about it for so long, that they then didn't sound good enough? I don't know.  I just liked Aiden and Emma better for them.

Now on our third time around, picking a name was no different.  It has still been super stressful and I've been very back and forth over whether I like the name we were discussing or not.  And just to make it even harder, we don't know if this is a boy or girl so we have to decide on two names, not just one.  Great!  Again, I still like Grace and Jackson, but just don't see me having a little boy named Jackson and I still love Grace, but I'm not sold on it being her first name. I told you this was tough.

We finally decided on names a couple months ago, however, the boy's didn't stick.  We were going with Greyson Michael for the boy.  I love the name Greyson for a boy and Michael is after my stepdad.  My problem with it was that I felt Greyson was too sing songy with Aiden.  Many people assured me that I'm crazy and it didn't, it just had the same syllables. But, I wasn't buying it, they couldn't convince me so we had to move on to something else.  And thanks to throwing baby names around one night while sitting around the campfire on our camping trip, we've finally got a name for this little guy or girl.

If it's a boy:
Reid Michael

And a girl:
Aubrey Grace

Now hopefully, I don't change my mind again before this little one arrives!

Here's Emma saying the baby's name because it's so darn cute.  And she's gotten a lot better with Aubrey because it used to be Au-booty  :-)  (The first video was when the name was gonna Greyson, but it's too cute to not include...Baby Booty)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Waterslide Fun

I had forgotten that we got Aiden a waterslide/slip and slide for his birthday.  The other day we were bored and I decided to take it out and see how hard it was to put together.  Luckily, Patrick came home from work just as I was getting to the difficult part so he got to finish putting it up for us. I call that, perfect timing! :-)

This thing looks like so much fun! The kids had a blast.  Even Emma had fun going down the slide part, and I thought she'd want nothing to do with it!
Grass in the mouth! :-)

And because it's fun to see it in action...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to the best husband, friend, and father that I could have ever chosen to spend my life with.  I am so happy to have you in my life and I love you more and more each and every day! <3<3

Happy 6 years and to many, many more!  I love you! <3

Friday, July 13, 2012

Baby #3 - 37 Weeks

Full Term.  Wow! How did we get here so quickly?! I can't believe this little baby can come any day now.  I am extremely excited to find out if it's a boy or girl! Eeeek! My feelings at this moment are that it's a girl, but maybe that's because most people we hear from think it's a girl.  Well, that, and I washed all of the kids newborn clothes that I kept and we only have about 1 outfit if this is a boy.  Yikes! Either way, this baby will be perfect and we can't wait to meet them!! <3

How Far Along: 37 weeks 

Total Weight Gain: + 33 (Getting close to what I gained with Aiden!)

Sleep: Sleep is great, although I have a hell of a time getting comfortable!!

Best Moment This Week:   Coming home to the air condition, dirt/bug free house after a week of camping

Movement: Tons! And those movements are starting to get uncomfortable!

Gender:  We'll find out in a couple of weeks, at most!

Labor Signs: Cramping here and there and pressure at times. At the doctor Monday morning I was 2 cm dilated.    

Belly Button: Flattening out...yuck!

Cravings: Yup, still anything that I don't have to cook!!

Wedding Rings On or Off: I can't believe these are still on! With both Aiden and Emma they were long gone by now!

What I Miss: Sleeping comfortably at night

What I am Looking Forward to:  Finding out if this is a little boy or girl!

How Big is Baby:  A bit over 19 inches and about 6 1/3 lbs (like a stalk of Swiss chard - whatever the heck that is!)
Next Appt: Doctor Visit - July 17th

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Killen's Pond Camping Trip

Nope, I haven't had the baby yet and fell off the face of the Earth.  Last week my family, along with 2 of my cousin's and their families went camping for the week and since we've been back I've been lazy. Too lazy to blog.

I know what you may be thinking, someone 36 weeks pregnant camping in 100+ degree temperatures??? Have I lost my mind?? Probably.  The first couple of days weren't too bad and I wasn't too miserable with the heat.  We did a lot of laying around in our new fancy chairs that recline back (can you believe that no one got a picture of me chilling in that very chair that my butt rarely left??) and visited the pool a couple times to help keep us and the kids cool.
On the 4th of July we packed everyone up and headed to Dover to watch the fireworks.  This year we had to try a new spot because my uncle and his wife sold their house which was where we usually went.  We decided on the Blue Hen Mall parking lot and the view was perfect! And the best part was that it didn't take us 2 hours to get back after they were over!
Waiting for the fireworks to start
Emma was scared at the beginning of the show
The day after the fireworks was when it started to get hot. Extremely hot.  We're talking it felt like 109 and that's no exaggeration.  So I didn't spend a whole lot of time outside.  When Emma napped, I tried to stay inside in the air and the girls spent a bit of time playing games in the camper.  It was just awful.  The poor men tried to act like the heat didn't bother them and hung outside most of the time.  I think they were just crazy!  We did take the kids up to go fishing one day before it got too unbearable to handle...
And here's a picture of my little man hanging out in my favorite spot...
Overall, it was a nice vacation, I just wish it hadn't been so darn hot!! Maybe we should start looking into spring or fall camping instead. :-)