Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Freaking Out!

The school district we live in started back to school yesterday.  I was on facebook Sunday night hearing many of the teachers talking about going back and that's when I realized that this is the last year that Aiden will be home with me.  This time next year when all the teachers are talking about going back, he'll be going with them.  Immediately I started to feel all kinds of anxiety and panic!! I don't want him to go!!!

I worked up until he was 2, just about 3 and already he has to leave me?!?! I know that I still have a year with him home with me, but I also know that year is going to fly by and then that's it, he's gone.  Once he's in Kindergarten, it'll be middle school, then high school, college, and then he'll have his own family.  Here I am getting all worked up again about it. :-(   

You might think I'm being a lunatic over here, but it's seriously got my belly all in knots.  I know I'm just being selfish, he'll hopefully, probably like it and have a great time and meet all kinds of friends which will be good for him.  But we're talking about me people!!! What am I going to do with him gone all day?!?!?

Why do our babies have to grow up so fast???

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to you!

Today is one of my closest friend's birthday! We have been close for a very, very long time.  Here we are way back when at our Uncle Wayne's wedding...

I have so many memories of the two of us growing up...from many slumber parties, family holidays (I'm pretty sure she spilled the beans to me about Santa), being college roomies, to going through the both of us getting married and having our babies at the same time. (Her first born is exactly one month older than Aiden and her second is about 2 months older than Emma.)

We always have so much fun together and I'm so thankful that I have her in my life.

Happy Birthday Aimee!  Love you!
Us at my sister's bachelorette party
(I realize in looking for pictures of us that as we get older, they're harder to find since we're always the ones behind the camera taking the pictures!)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Y3W: Waiting for Irene

Okay, an earthquake on Tuesday and now possibly a hurricane this weekend?!?! What is going on?? Mother Nature must seriously have a chip on her shoulder for the east coast!!

Yup, we're in the red. At least it looks as though it'll be a category 2 by the time it gets to us, but we all know things can change quickly! It could be stronger, it could be weaker. Either way, it's starting to freak me out!

I think we're all ready for Irene, though I would prefer she take a turn right outta here to the ocean!  We have bottles of water, our lantern (thanks Mom!!), a crank up radio that does all kinds of cool stuff (thanks Papa!!), food, snacks, Emma's milk, board games, extra batteries, and candles.  Hopefully we won't need any of it except the food and snacks!

I'm hoping for the best and that everyone stays safe.  As of now, Patrick is staying calm, and if he's calm, I should be calm because he knows WAY more about the weather than I do...but, at the first sign that things aren't okay I'm outta here to somewhere with a basement!!

Stay safe East Coasters!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mini Golf at Dutch Wonderland

We got a free pass to play one round of mini golf with our camp stay at Dutch Wonderland.  So on Saturday, after lunch we decided to play.

I was a little worried about how Aiden would do and tried explaining that we have to wait for other people to be done before we could move on to the next hole and so on.  Luckily, there weren't many people playing when we were and we only had to wait on a couple of holes and he did great! He had so much fun and was really into it.  He did get a little panicked when his ball went into the water, but once we showed him that that happens all the time because they have a little net to use to get it out, he was fine.  And might I add that at least he didn't lose a ball under the rocks like I did, or hit his ball and lose it in the parking lot like Patrick. :-)

Emma had lots of fun too. She ran all around yelling ball and picking them up to hand them to us even though we hadn't gotten them in the hole yet.   She also loved the flags in the hole.  She went to those most of the time and would pick them up and put her ball in.  She would also blow on the flag. I think maybe she thought it was a pinwheel??

Of course there was no possible way to keep score with having to keep Emma with us on our green and keep Aiden straight, but I think I probably won! :-)
At the first hole
Aiden's first tee off

Playing in the rocks
Serious concentration!

Em trying to run all around

Playing with the flag

And blow!

Taking a rest

Here's your ball, Mommy

Say cheese!

Picture in front of the fountain

Lining up my shot

Emma got it before it went in!

Emma chasing Aiden's ball right after he hit it :-)

He had his own way of holding the club

Climbing the mountain

Her favorite thing to do

Handsome Aiden

Wow! A tunnel!

Watching where Aiden's ball will go

Emma's on the hunt for another ball
My loves

Mini Golf at Dutch Wonderland

Picture with Daddy on the bridge

I can get it in the hole!

Nice shot, Aiden!

Emma stole my ball again!

Ohhhh! That was close!

Posing on the big rock

I'm so good I can golf with one hand, while holding a toddler in the other!

Tickles for Emma

Aiden's up!

Emma was getting heavy!!!

Watching the game

Lining up his shot

Here he goes!

I think he might be swinging his club too high!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Did you feel that???

Yesterday I gave blood for the first time ever.  And I must say it was not nearly as scary as I thought and I didn't even pass out like I was worried about! Yay! After that we ran a few errands and came home to relax on Patrick's day off.

We were sitting around watching Big Brother After Dark, while Aiden played a couple of games on the computer when suddenly I feel myself shaking.  I look at Patrick and can tell by the look on his face that he's feeling the same thing.  I remembered that when we were leaving to give blood I saw the men working on the train track which literally runs about 40 ft or so (I'm horrible at measurements!) in front of our house.  So I think maybe that's what it is.

I look out of the front window and see the truck in the driveway rocking back and forth and then it hit me...EARTHQUAKE!!!!  WHAT?!?!?!  Don't I live in Delaware? That doesn't happen here!!! I turned around and saw the blinds and chandelier swaying back and forth.  Yikes!

What do I do?  I remembered that somewhere I heard stand in the door frame or door way?? Is that right? And is that for a earthquake, tornado, hurricane?? I don't know! I live in Delaware! So I grabbed Aiden and went to a door framed area.  Emma was napping but Patrick and I have a tiny problem with panicking in this scary situation so he ran up and grabbed her and came to where Aiden and I were.  Now what?  I asked Patrick if we should go outside? By this time it was over.  We were quaking for maybe 30-45 seconds or so, but I promise it felt a lot longer.

I now know that I will never be moving to California! My nerves are not cut out for the ground shaking uncontrollably under my feet!!!

I hope everyone in VA (the epicenter of the earthquake) is okay! My thoughts go out to them.

Do you think this is something I could write in the kids baby books? There's got to be a place for "Baby's First Natural Disaster", right?

Let's hope that's an experience I never have again!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

I DID IT!!!!

Can you tell I'm a little excited with the all caps title??  It's official, I DID IT!!!!!  I am back to my pre-babies, pre-wedding weight!!!!  YAY!!!!

Do I have the same body as before...nope! I've had 2 babies people! And they came with large domes! :-) So most likely I'll never have that cute flat tummy that I never had to start with that I've thought about so fondly, but I've housed 2 babies in there and I'm proud of that! Plus, I hate sit ups and doubt you'll ever see me doing any!

I have lost 42 lbs since February! That's a whole Aiden...I've lost a whole Aiden since February!!!  It has not always been easy and this last week has been especially hard because I just couldn't seem to get full! But, I'm there, I made it!  I'm not so scared to get on a scale anymore and what a great feeling that is!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Aiden's First Soccer Practice

Today was Aiden's first soccer practice! I was very nervous about him listening to the coaching.  He has a tendency to do whatever he wants, when he wants.  He was very excited to get going and promised to listen to his coaches!

Let's go practice!
The coaches did all kinds of fun drills with the kids and kept them completely entertained the whole time.  Aiden did exactly what the coaches asked him to do! Yay! He can listen!!! 
That's Aiden with the gold ball. He's trying to get to it to sit on it.

Made it!

Kicking the ball down the field!

Sitting on the ball (end of the row)

Listening to the coaches

Go Aiden!!!

Brynn & Aiden

Kick the ball!

Chin on the ball!

Scrimmage (Aiden's in the white in the middle)

Emma hanging out at practice

Aiden & Brynn

Emma & Colton hanging out

Brynn & Aiden after the first practice
Aiden had so much fun! He told me that every part was his favorite. :-) That makes me SO happy!  And the coach gave them a patch after the practice that we have to attach to their uniform shorts.  He is very excited about that and made sure that that was the first thing he told his daddy about!

So his first practice was a success! Yay!!