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Our Family
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Aiden's 1st Dentist Visit

went AWESOME!!!!!!  I am SO happy with the way his visit went!  I think he was a little nervous because he told both, Patrick and I, that he wouldn't have to get a drill in his tooth a couple times.  We assured him that he wouldn't, as long as we take good care of his teeth!

Before we got there I told him that the chair he was going to sit in moves. I thought since that's what freaked me out I better let him know about that one ahead of time. He thought that sounded pretty cool and he wanted to know if he could "ride" in it the whole time.  :-)
In the waiting room
Miss Judy came out to get us and took us back to her "office" where Aiden hopped up in the chair for his first ride.  He thought that was fabulous! She told me they were going to take a few pictures of his teeth and explained everything to Aiden. I LOVE that she talked to him so he could understand everything.  She was wonderful! She made him feel so comfortable the entire time, joking with him, giving him lots of wow, your teeth are awesome, you're such a big boy, things like that.  He thought the x-rays of his teeth were pretty awesome and he was super excited that you could see his big teeth in his gums! I have to admit that was pretty neat to see!
Loving the chair

Can you tell he was a little excited?

Wearing his cape so he didn't get toothpaste on his cool soccer shirt
Cool x-ray of his teeth with the grown up teeth there in his gums

After that she introduced him to her tools: her squirt gun, her hair dryer (blows air to dry the teeth), her vacuum (the thing that sucks the water out of his mouth), the spinny tooth brush, and the tooth counter (the evil metal pick).   She made sure to test the items she could on his hand first. Most time he was nervous and would jump when she started it, but once he saw it didn't hurt, he was fine and let her "count his teeth".  Miss Judy showed him the correct way to brush his teeth with his new toothbrush and then checked everything out with her other tools. He also got to wear some cool glasses so nothing would get in his eyes and she told him that they're yellow because Dr. Dawn likes to see everything in sunshine yellow.  She told us his teeth looked perfect, great spacing, and hardly any plaque at all (just a tiny bit behind his bottom front teeth).  Again he was great!
Showing him how to correctly brush his teeth

"Counting" his teeth

His cool yellow glasses

Squirting water in his mouth and then sucking it out with the "vacuum"

Such a big, brave guy

Getting his teeth polished
She said that they had another type of x-ray that they like to do (panoramic, I think), but that usually it's not done at the first visit because most kids are scared, but Aiden was doing such a good job was I interested in it.  She said that they've had kids get it done and find that they don't have permanent teeth there, yikes! I would like to know if I'm in that boat and since he was okay before this, I thought he'd be fine.  It was funny to see him in this machine.  You stick your head in this space and this giant robotic looking things circles your head and takes the x-ray.  Didn't scare him one bit!
Getting set up in the big x-ray machine
Back to his seat he went and the dentist came to double check the hygienist's work. She pretty much said the same thing but I don't think Aiden was as comfortable around her.  She also had an accent from another country so that could have been it, he just had a hard time understanding her.  We looked at the big x-ray and saw all his other big teeth are there, except two. She assured me that these could still be forming since he's only 4...let's hope!

When she was done looking the hygienist came back to do "scratchies" on his teeth to get off that tiny bit of plaque.  I think this scared him a little, but he laid still and let her do her thing.  He said, "I wasn't scared. It didn't hurt." Lastly, she had to paint the fluoride on his teeth.  When I told him she was painting his teeth he did get a terrified look on his face, but I quickly told him not to worry, it wasn't a color, it was clear.  Lol! I bet his was picturing himself walking around with big blue teeth!

So we go back in 6 months! What a great first experience!!  I hope that we get Miss Judy every time because she was fabulous!!!
Fresh, clean teeth!!!
I'm so proud of Aiden! I knew he was much, much braver than me! :-)

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