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Our Family
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Time!

We decided to carve our pumpkins on Sunday.  We were going to wait a little longer so it would be closer to Halloween, but when we got up Sunday morning, we discovered someone stole 3 of the little pumpkins the kids painted at Fifer's.  Who does that? It made me very mad that I had to explain to Aiden that someone came up and took them AND that somebody was that close to my front door with me inside, having no idea. Grrrr! So I figured, we might as well carve the big ones before someone messes with those, so at least we already did the fun part.

Luckily we still had one little pumpkin left from Fifer's and 2 more from Mom-mom aka Aunt Bonnie from when we went camping.  While Patrick and I poked holes in our stencils, the kids got to paint their little pumpkins.
That's a lot of pumpkins!!!

Getting ready to paint her pumpkin

Getting situated

Emma's finished! She couldn't decide whether to paint the pumpkin or the paper!

Aiden's beautiful work!
Working with the extra pumpkin we had
After the kids were done painting it was time to clean out the big pumpkins so Patrick and I could carve them. Don't let these pictures fool you, Aiden has always been disgusted by the "guts" of the pumpkin and will not stick his hand in there.  I think he may have pulled out 2 seeds today. :-)  Emma didn't care for the cleaning out part either.  She did try and touch it, but would then pull her hand away and laugh.  She kept saying "yuck" over and over again. :-)
Pulling out a seed
Probably the farthest he put his hand in
Ewe! This is disgusting!
Em's turn
I'll just use this instead of my hands!
Let's just let Daddy finish for us!
Once they were cleaned up, the kids were over the whole thing and ran around and played while we worked.  I have to admit, after doing Emma's I was kind of over it myself, but I stayed with it and got mine done too. I think next year 2 pumpkins should be plenty!
Em's plan
Finished pumpkin
Aiden's original plan...

What he ended up getting because choice 1 was too much trouble!

Watching Patrick work on his Mario pumpkin
Finished Mario, with a giant nose!
Emma "cooking" while we carve pumpkins

Patrick's ghost pumpkin

My bat in the moon pumpkin...yeah I know, I see the bat but not the moon so much
 Then we had to put them outside, of course.  Aiden had a place planned out for each one of them.

 And last, which I think was Aiden favorite part was to light a candle in each one so we could see how they glowed!

I hope that no one touches those pumpkins! I want to put a picture of the kids out there so they can see who's heart they'll break if they touch them. Fingers crossed!!

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