Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WW: Darn Bees!!

Well, it happened.  One of my babies got their first bee sting.  :-(  We were out back playing a couple days ago and the kids took off their shoes to get in the sandbox.  When they got out, they never put their shoes back on, even though I told them to a few times.  (We have lots of clover in our backyard and bees just love to sit on them.) 

Emma was running from the trampoline into her little house and it happened.  She had just gotten to her house when she screamed and grabbed at her foot and began to cry like she was in some serious pain.  I knew immediately what happened.  :-( You have never seen a big pregnant lady move so fast to swoop up her baby.  I saw the stinger hanging out and got it out quickly.  She was throwing a fit and didn't want me to touch it, but finally let me run some cold water on it and eventually put on some medicine and a band-aid.
Let me tell you that the scariest part about one of your kids getting stung for the first time is waiting to see if they have an allergic reaction to it.  Allergies to bee stings don't run in the family, but I'm always worried that we'll be the first.  Thankfully after about 10 minutes and she was still okay, we started to relax.

This is one first that we could have done without!  Poor little thing! At least I got satisfaction knowing that that darn bee that stung her died after it did.  Stupid bee!!

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