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Our Family
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Friday, September 30, 2011

Y3W: Things I'm Loving...

  1. Playing hide and seek with the kids.  Emma is the super hide and seek player. She finds Aiden every time (ok, so he hides in a lot of not so hard to find him places, but it's still adorable!).  She'll run right over to where he is and point and laugh, sometimes hitting him to let him know she found him.  Now, hiding with Emma, she'll give you away every time, but she gets so excited it makes me smile every time we play!
  2. Playing hopscotch with Aiden.  He loves this game lately and every time we can get outside without Emma, that's what we play. I love his serious face when he's concentrating to jump in the right box!
  3. Multigrain tostido's.  Omg! I'm obsessed with these right now! Yum!
  4. Being able to wear jeans!! Let's face it's I'm not really a shorts kind of girl! My legs are probably the palest on Earth and I think that no matter what I do, they always will be!  I'm loving that now I can finally wear jeans without sweating to death!
  5. When Emma grabs her purse, picnic basket, anything really that can fit onto her arm. She hoists it up there and then goes around the room to give everyone a kiss and says "Baaa" aka "bye" pretending she's going somewhere. :-)
  6. How big and tough my boy is. When went to get their flu shots last Thursday and I was told Aiden could get the nasal spray one. Shew! Meltdown avoided! Well, when we got there we were told that he wasn't able to get it after all and he had to get a regular shot.  He was not happy, but he did it and got it in his arm rather than his leg like a big kid.  Only a few silent tears escaped and then he was over it! What a big boy!
  7. That all our shows are back on! I love that when we sit down at night now, we actually have things to watch.
  8. Aiden is actually able to entertain himself for a little awhile in the morning as long as someone turns the tv on for him, which means Patrick and I are able to get a little extra sleep before Emma wakes up.  (Ok, I guess I mean Patrick gets a little extra sleep. Remember, Aiden only wants him in the morning, not me. But, I'm still happy that he's learning to entertain himself!)
  9. How much Emma adores Aiden...well, most of the time anyway.  If she can't find him she'll wander around yelling "A-den" or more like "A -din".  It is so cute! I should really try to catch some of this stuff on video, but everytime I get it out, she wants to run behind it to see what I'm recording. Kind of makes it hard to catch her!
  10. How great Aiden is getting at writing! He is also really good at writing his numbers too. And the other day he was playing games on the computer and I looked over and he was playing a game using math and was getting them right! Wow!
  11. How much Emma is talking now. We may be the only ones that knows clearly what she is saying, but she is repeating a ton of words.  I was trying to get her to tell me Happy Birthday the other day. Happy came out so clearly, birthday was more of a "ugh", like "don't you know how hard that word is?"  What a smart girl!
  12. The crazy things Aiden says.  A couple days ago I asked Aiden if he was ever going to get his ears pierced.  I don't know what I saw on TV that made me think of it, but I wanted to quickly tell him I was never gonna take him.  He got this weird look on his face and was like, "Why, so I can wear urines?"  Hahaha! Urines.  Hilarious.  He proceeded with, "Mommy, urines are for girls." :-) That's right bud, they are, and by the way, it's earrings. :-)  I love that boy!


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