Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthdays are the best!

You may remember that Tuesday was my birthday...are you over it? :-) Hey, I could make a big deal the whole month, but I try to stick to the day, okay, maybe a couple days!

It was a perfect day! Patrick arranged to be off for the day so I was able to spend the day with him and the kids.  He told me that we could go to the outlets down at the beach so I could get some new clothes since a lot of my clothes from last year are a little bit big. Yay! I LOVE shopping and you don't have to ask me twice. This sounded like a great plan! After shopping we decided we would to go to dinner at Nino's. I love this place and so wish they would get one closer to us!

Since we were going out for dinner we thought we would wait to go the the beach until after lunch so we could save a little money there and hopefully the kids would nap on the way down so they wouldn't be little monsters while we were there.  Wishful thinking.  It didn't work...they both stayed awake the whole time so needless to say they were a bit of a handful in the stores.  Thank goodness I have such a laid back, easy going husband! He didn't even get mad when I would just walk away to look at things and pretend that I didn't know those loud, screaming kids.  Thanks babe!

Here we are at home before we headed out for the day:
Aiden took this one. Pretty good for his little hands to hoist up the big camera and get us in the middle!
Not so great of Emma, but again I was impressed with Aiden's skills!

It was a great time and I got a bunch of new shirts to wear.  It's awesome to have a day where you can go and pick up stuff that normally you wouldn't think of getting...unless it was from Target or Walmart!

Dinner was awesome, as usual, and the kids were much happier to be eating than strapped in a seat.  Can you blame them?

After dinner it was home for presents and cake.

Overall it was a fabulous day! I was totally spoiled and enjoyed every minute of it! I have the best husband and kids around! Love you guys!!

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