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Our Family
December 2013

Friday, September 2, 2011

Y3W: Emma's New Room!

Long ago I told you that Emma was going to get her room made over.  I was never really thrilled with the way it looked before and don't believe I even took a picture of it.  The walls were a tan color and her bedding was sort of tan with pink and a purplish color.  I liked it when I bought it, but I got sick of it fast!

We painted her room pink maybe a month or 2 ago and I ordered a bunch of stuff and everything is finally here and put up, and...I love it! Finally it looks like a room that a little girl should have!!

View from one angle
View from another angle
Yay! Emma seems to love it! I know, I know she's 15 months so how would I know? Well, when I took her in to show her her mouth dropped open in this happy, surprised look she's been doing over and over again lately.  So I'm gonna take that as she was surprised and she loves it! :-)

Here's the details:
Have this for Aiden and had to have one for Emma's room too! (Kohl's)

Her tiny foot and hand print from when she was a couple days old
Canvas Birth Stats Hanging (Etsy.com)
Beautiful butterflies!!! (Amazon.com)
Letters (Etsy.com)
Butterflies with her name
Pictures of Emma (Frames from Kohl's)
New mirror (Target)
And because I love the letters so much and I feel like you just can't see the prettiness of them in the group picture.  Here they are individually:


So there you have it, Emma's new room! I love it and hope she will too for many years to come!

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