Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Monday, September 26, 2011

Football Sunday

Every man has got to look forward to the day that they have a son and bonding with that son over football.  Aiden is only 4, and up to this point shows no interest in football whatsoever. Poor Patrick. He'll try and get Aiden to sit with him to watch some of the game and he just can't do it. I can't blame him, I barely ever make it through watching an entire game either.  Yesterday, when Patrick went to put his jersey on he asked Aiden if he wanted to wear one too and surprisingly Aiden said he did. He looked so cute, even if it was 3000 times too big! :-)

He actually sat and watched some of the game with Patrick.  I think Patrick was in heaven!
 He didn't make it through a lot of the game before he moved on to playing Thomas on the computer and then watched a movie.  As Cars was playing I heard little snores and realized that he had passed right out.  And look how sweet (and uncomfortable) he looks...

The Patriots didn't end up winning this week but Aiden will never know. ;-)

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