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Our Family
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Y3W: Art Time Fun

The other day Aiden asked if he could color a picture with his new crayons. I thought while he was coloring why not let Emma join in on the fun! I don't know what she was more excited about, coloring with Aiden (since she's colored before) or that I let her sit up at the big table with Aiden. It's the little things! ;-)
Artists at work
Concentrating on their work

She's very excited about this!

Coloring Thomas

Still excited she's at the big table!

What should I do with this color?

Checking out what Aiden is working on

Now he needs to see what she's doing

"Boo" aka blue

Em's first masterpiece completed by herself

The next night for Aiden's bedtime story he picked out the book "Little Cloud" by Eric Carle.

 If you haven't read it before it's pretty much about a little cloud leaving the big clouds and turning into different shapes or objects.  While I was reading it I thought that the next day we could paint the little cloud turning into what we wanted it to turn into.

After Emma had the experience of sitting at the big table with Aiden having fun, there was no way she was letting us do this without her. So she painted with Aiden until her hands got dirty (which she is not a fan of). Her favorite part to do was dip the paintbrush in the paint over and over again whether it was out of paint or not.  Aiden's favorite thing to do...cover the entire paper in paint, of course!
Painting time!

I can paint right here??

Dipping her paintbrush over and over again

I love the concentration

Painting his little cloud
Emma's cloud, Aiden thinks it's an airplane

Aiden's little cloud turned into a BIG cloud

My little cloud is supposed to be a hot air balloon. Stop laughing! I hear you! 

Hey, I never claimed to be an artist!! :-)

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