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Our Family
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Aiden's 1st Soccer Game

On Saturday Aiden had his very first soccer game.  He looked so darn cute in his little uniform!
Go Wolfpack!
Grrrr! Ready to scare the other team!
Just kidding! He's too sweet to be scary! Well, sometimes!
I love that "game face" picture! That is so not him at soccer!  He was excited to play in his new uniform though.  We had to explain to him on the way there that the people that he's been playing against at practice are actually on his team and that the team he was "against" would be in a different color.  That can probably be confusing for a little kid!

He still wasn't very aggressive and would sort of move out of the way if someone came near him with the ball, but at least he's having fun and getting some exercise. He was able to "kick off" one time. Yes, that's probably not what you call it, but I know what I mean. That made him and I very happy. I asked him later in the day why he didn't run after the ball and kick it like he does when he plays against me and he answered, "I kicked it one time." That's right buddy, you sure did and you rocked that kick!! He also got to throw the ball in when it went out of bounds. If  you ask me, he's the best thrower around! :-)

I made sure to pack the video camera to capture his first game...yeah...Patrick is FIRED!! If you were interested in watching the grass, some feet, or kids that aren't yours...Patrick's your man.  :Sigh: I guess I should be happy that he's in some of the video, but if you know me and my addiction to capturing moments, it's tough.  At least there's 5 or 6 more weeks of games so I can film more at another game.

On our way home he asked me if he did a good job.  Now that, almost brought me to tears.  Of course he did! He was awesome and I'm so proud of him! I'm so proud that even though he is terrified of people watching him and making a mistake, he still wanted to get out there and try it this season! He told us that he a good time at his first game...why?? Because they got another patch to put on their shorts! Duh! I swear this is the reason that he keeps wanting to go back, for the patches! Hey, whatever works!

Here's some pictures of our soccer star. :-)

Aiden (#5) warming up with his team

Go Wolfpack!!
Pep talk before the game starts

Here we go! That's Aiden right in front of the coach.

Brynn ready for the ball

Brynn & Aiden taking a break on the sidelines

That's Aiden in the back

Getting ready to "kick off" the ball!!

Hanging with Coach Chris

I swear he did play, it was just easier to get pictures on the sidelines!

Running after the ball!! (Only boy in red in the picture)

Go Aiden!

Aiden's hanging in the back. He doesn't like to run too fast at soccer.

Watching us instead of the ball :-)

Getting ready to throw the ball in

Awesome throw Aiden!

And of course some of Emma because I can't resist! She had fun squealing for Aiden too, when she wasn't looking for a snack or drink.

Always looking away from the camera when I snap it! Grrr!

Colton having a snack and Emma most likely looking for one

Go Aiden!!

Watching the game

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