Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dutch Wonderland

On Thursday Patrick and I are packing up the kids and the camper and heading to Dutch Wonderland! I think I may be getting more excited than the kids!  They have a campground within walking distance of the park, though we've never been since we're new to this whole camping thing. :-)  I do know people that have gone though and can't wait to do it ourselves! I'm a little nervous that we are the only grown-ups there and so we're responsible for getting the fire starting and keeping it going...we'll just make that Patrick's job, but if he needs help, I'll bring a BIG bottle of "fire juice"!!

We went to Dutch Wonderland last year and Aiden had an awesome time! I love that almost every ride they had, he could get on! Emma was just a little peanut (maybe 2 1/2 months old) so she didn't get to get on much. Hopefully this year she'll be able to do more! I love that we're going to be right there so that when she gets tired we can go back to the camper for lunch and nap time and then head back later in the day!   We're also gonna head to the water park area this time since we'll have plenty of time.

Can you tell I'm getting excited? Just a little?? Come on Thursday!!!

Flashback to our trip last year...
Emma (2 1/2 months) hanging out in her stroller while Aiden rode some rides
Aiden at Dutch Wonderland, Summer 2010 (3 yrs old)

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