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Our Family
December 2013

Monday, August 8, 2011

Different Beach, Different Emma

Yesterday the Voshell crew were going to the beach and we decided to join them.  They were going to Slaughter Beach which is way closer than the other beaches and we figured the kids could play for a couple hours. Now this beach is slightly different from the regular beach we go to. There isn't much sand, but a ton more rocks (shoes are a great idea!) and flesh eating biting flies occasionally, but other than that it's great! The water is so calm, there's barely any waves so it was safe for the kids to play in other than the jagged rocks to cut their feet!.
Bikini baby ready to go!

Playing on the sand

We brought the beach tent figuring that's where Em would spend most of her time...NOPE! This time she LOVED the beach! We kept shoes on her so that may have been a HUGE help being the rocks sand didn't actually touch her feet. She was nervous at first and clung to my leg, but the next thing I knew she took my finger and walked down to the water, even letting the water get her feet and she didn't freak!

Aiden of course jumped right in the water and had a blast with Ronnie & Hunter.  Those boys could go for hours!!!

Kelly and I rested our feet and ran our mouths up on the beach while the daddies tended to the kids down at the water...I love when Daddies can go places with us!! I looked back at the kids and Emma was standing in the water, past her feet! What?!?! Is this the same baby that we took to the beach last month??

After that, all Emma wanted to do was play in the water! She fell over a couple times and got a face full of water and no tears, she came up smiling, ready for more!

Face full of water!

We only saw the boys when they were ready to eat lunch, other than that, they were splashing, screaming, and giggling like girls in the water!

And boy did we all sleep great last night!!

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