Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday

Water Balloon Fight!!!
Our balloons are all ready to go!
He just wants to touch them!!
Before the water fight
Emma wandering around the backyard
Posing before smashing his balloon
Whoa! Don't drop it!!

Em's had enough and wants to go back inside!
Why are we throwing balloons at each other??

Telling Aiden and I that she does NOT like water balloons
Trying to stay away from the balloons...she wouldn't even touch them and she loves balloons

Aiden's trying to get me!
Throwing water balloons
He got the fence with that one!
Coming to get another one!

Thinking about getting Emma

This is fun!!
Emma was still scared of the balloons
Trying to act like he's not gonna throw the balloon at me

Don't get the camera wet!
Soaking wet!

Can you tell that she was angry that Aiden was chasing her?
Make him go away, Mommy!

Her <3 belongs to Daddy
Trying to sneak behind me to pop one on my back
Let's go swinging instead please!
Hey! Come put me in here!
All wet!
Watching the water drip through the play set

I got another one!!
Rolling the balloons down the slide at Emma & I
He's gonna get us!!

Having a blast!

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