Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An Appt Has Been Made

It's official...we're finally getting pictures done! Yay! It only took me a few months to figure out what the kids are wearing and get the appointment scheduled.  Wednesday at 11:00...I sure do hope that time works out. It was the earliest they had and I'm now realizing that that's about when Aiden starts getting hungry.  Yay! I better pack lots of snacks and use eating at Chick Fila as a bribe!

So here's what I decided on for outfits:
Em's 1 yr pics by herself
Em's dress for pics with Aiden and family
Aiden's outfit for pics with Emma and family
Aiden 4 yr old pics
And we decided we may have a family picture taken while we're there since who knows when we'll be back. If we do, I'll wear my long navy dress with a white cardigan and Patrick will have to figure out his own...most likely a navy polo and khaki shorts.  So there we have it. I'm about 95% sure what everyone's wearing! The only thing I'm thinking is maybe just putting Aiden in the blue and white and leaving him in that the whole time.  We'll see...

Wish us luck!!!

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