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Our Family
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mini Golf at Dutch Wonderland

We got a free pass to play one round of mini golf with our camp stay at Dutch Wonderland.  So on Saturday, after lunch we decided to play.

I was a little worried about how Aiden would do and tried explaining that we have to wait for other people to be done before we could move on to the next hole and so on.  Luckily, there weren't many people playing when we were and we only had to wait on a couple of holes and he did great! He had so much fun and was really into it.  He did get a little panicked when his ball went into the water, but once we showed him that that happens all the time because they have a little net to use to get it out, he was fine.  And might I add that at least he didn't lose a ball under the rocks like I did, or hit his ball and lose it in the parking lot like Patrick. :-)

Emma had lots of fun too. She ran all around yelling ball and picking them up to hand them to us even though we hadn't gotten them in the hole yet.   She also loved the flags in the hole.  She went to those most of the time and would pick them up and put her ball in.  She would also blow on the flag. I think maybe she thought it was a pinwheel??

Of course there was no possible way to keep score with having to keep Emma with us on our green and keep Aiden straight, but I think I probably won! :-)
At the first hole
Aiden's first tee off

Playing in the rocks
Serious concentration!

Em trying to run all around

Playing with the flag

And blow!

Taking a rest

Here's your ball, Mommy

Say cheese!

Picture in front of the fountain

Lining up my shot

Emma got it before it went in!

Emma chasing Aiden's ball right after he hit it :-)

He had his own way of holding the club

Climbing the mountain

Her favorite thing to do

Handsome Aiden

Wow! A tunnel!

Watching where Aiden's ball will go

Emma's on the hunt for another ball
My loves

Mini Golf at Dutch Wonderland

Picture with Daddy on the bridge

I can get it in the hole!

Nice shot, Aiden!

Emma stole my ball again!

Ohhhh! That was close!

Posing on the big rock

I'm so good I can golf with one hand, while holding a toddler in the other!

Tickles for Emma

Aiden's up!

Emma was getting heavy!!!

Watching the game

Lining up his shot

Here he goes!

I think he might be swinging his club too high!

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