Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Friday, August 5, 2011

Y3W: Picture Time Meltdown

On Wednesday, after lots and lots of procrastination on my part, we finally went to get our pictures done.  My hope was to really get Emma's 1 yr pictures, Aiden's 4 yr pictures, a couple of them together, and maybe one of the family.

It all started off pretty well. We didn't have to wait long and we started with the family pictures.  Aiden had a little trouble standing still, but he's 4 so I guess I expected that. :-) Emma was stone faced the whole time, no matter what the lady tried, she was NOT going to smile! We got a couple that we liked and decided to go ahead and do the kids together before we changed their outfits.

The idea was to have the kids standing next to each other holding hands...would have been cute right?? Yeah, as soon as I put Emma down and started to walk away she lost her mind! Screaming, crying, running after me...this was not going well!  I thought maybe if I left the room, she'd be okay. (She has a habit of throwing a fit if I'm around because she'd rather have me than be uncomfortable...can you blame her?! ;-)) Yup, that didn't help either.  The lady managed to snap one of the two of them together. Aiden's looking down at Emma, but at least he's smiling and you totally can't tell that she's running out of the frame! Yay!!

Aiden's individual pictures went okay, though he still hadn't gotten rid of the ants in his pants. She didn't really take many of him by himself, maybe because he couldn't listen at this point, maybe because she got a cute one of him early on.

Emma's 1 year old pictures...oh my! She was SO pretty in her fluffy yellow polka dotted dress...can you see it in her picture...NOPE! She would NOT get down and stay without crying and screaming.  The only thing we could do was have me sit on a stool and have her semi in my lap and the lady zoomed in on just her face so you couldn't tell she was sitting with me.  Again, she was not going to smile for this lady for anything!  Patrick was jumping out from behind the woman playing peek-a-boo...and nothing!!  After a couple minutes I starting tickling her chunky little thigh and that finally got a couple of smiles that the girl was able to catch on film! Yay!! So no cute dress but the cute little face is all we really care about anyway!

All in all, it went about as well as we had expected. Do I wish Emma wasn't so terrified of strangers so we could have gotten more of the two of them...yes, but at least I didn't have a million choices to pick from.  That helped save us lots of money, I'm sure!   

Here's the family one that we ordered...I'll post the others when we get them!  (I wish someone would tell me to straighten my head! Ahhh!)

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