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Our Family
December 2013

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Aiden's First Soccer Practice

Today was Aiden's first soccer practice! I was very nervous about him listening to the coaching.  He has a tendency to do whatever he wants, when he wants.  He was very excited to get going and promised to listen to his coaches!

Let's go practice!
The coaches did all kinds of fun drills with the kids and kept them completely entertained the whole time.  Aiden did exactly what the coaches asked him to do! Yay! He can listen!!! 
That's Aiden with the gold ball. He's trying to get to it to sit on it.

Made it!

Kicking the ball down the field!

Sitting on the ball (end of the row)

Listening to the coaches

Go Aiden!!!

Brynn & Aiden

Kick the ball!

Chin on the ball!

Scrimmage (Aiden's in the white in the middle)

Emma hanging out at practice

Aiden & Brynn

Emma & Colton hanging out

Brynn & Aiden after the first practice
Aiden had so much fun! He told me that every part was his favorite. :-) That makes me SO happy!  And the coach gave them a patch after the practice that we have to attach to their uniform shorts.  He is very excited about that and made sure that that was the first thing he told his daddy about!

So his first practice was a success! Yay!!

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