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Our Family
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This is getting hard!

I started Weight Watchers in February, so I've been on it for awhile now.  I know that they say this isn't so much a diet, more of a change in life style.  I have a confession...I use it as a diet!

I've done pretty awesome (if I say so myself!) and to this minute have lost 45.6 lbs.  That's more than a whole Aiden! Woot! Woot! Has this been easy? Hell. No.  I wanna eat crap all the time! You name it and if it's not from this house and I don't have to cook it...I'm in!  This leads to my problem.  It's getting very hard to stick to this diet.  I know this time of year (Thanksgiving and Christmas) is always hard, but honestly I wanna eat and more than just a little serving!

Weight Watchers online has a little chart so you can see a graph of your lovely weight loss.  At first mine was all downhill baby! And now?  It looks like a little roller coaster ride.  Up and down, up and down.  One week I'll lose, the next, I gain and then I'll lose what I just gained.  Then repeat that. See what I'm saying? Roller coaster.

I don't want to lose much more. Maybe 5 lbs. But those last 5 lbs might just take another year! It's already been a month or 2 of getting close and then cheating and gaining it back. Sigh.  It'll happen. I don't want to take it too far and lose too much. I know that I'm about exactly where I should be.  I just wish I could be more confident of when I get there, I can stay there.  Yeah, not likely if I don't stick to eating the way I'm supposed to be.

Why does it have to be so much work? I hate naturally skinny people! Just kidding...kind of!

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