Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Soccer's Over for the Season

Aiden's last soccer game was supposed to be this past Saturday but the other team's coach had to cancel so our first season of soccer has officially come to an end.

I am so proud of Aiden for getting out there and having lots of fun.  He is that kid that's always worried about people looking at him or him making a mistake in front of people.  I don't know why he's this way (could be that I'm just like it?), but we're working on it and playing soccer was a huge step forward!  He may not have gone after the ball everytime or even knew if they won or lost, but he got out there ran around and had fun.

During each game (after the first one) he kicked the ball at least one time and that was enough for him.  We were all so proud that he did that! And throwing the ball in...awesome!

The team got together on Saturday for an end of the season pizza party.  Aiden did tell me that he was glad the coach canceled his game so they could have a pizza party instead. Hahaha He is so my child.  They had lots of fun eating pizza, playing video games, and getting trophies!

He thought patches were cool. Not as cool as a trophy!

He already told me he wants to play again so now we wait until spring sign-ups!
Ready for Aiden's soccer party

Hanging with Josh

Josh and Aiden

Team Wolf Pack

Team Wolf Pack - Fall 2011

So proud of their trophies!

See my trophy?


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