Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Last night we went over to my cousin's house so our whole crew could trick or treat together.  This is something that we've done for a few years now and we always look forward to it! We get to pig out, hang with the family, and the kids get to trick or treat and then play with each other for awhile.  I was bummed that it was on a school day, but we still had a great time anyway.

Aiden could barely stand still which explains why I don't have any pictures of him with just Emma while he's in his full costume. There were 7 kids total so he had better things to do than stand next to Emma and get pictures taken.  Oh well.  Emma wasn't too sure of what to think of some costumes.  She was slightly terrified of Ronnie's skeleton costume and really scared of the mummy in Ron & Kelly's front yard!

The older kids ran house to house getting all kinds of candy. Yum! Can't wait to eat some of that myself!  Emma would walk up to the houses with you, but once you got up there her fear of strangers kicked in and she would make that "I'm freaking out" noise and want you to hold her.  She still made out pretty well and cleaned up at one house.  Must have been because she was the cutest little Snow White you've ever seen!

The kids had an awesome time and after running around getting all hopped up on M & M's and Skittles it was time to call it a night.

Emma's chunky feet squished into her pretty shoes
Minnie Mouse Ava

Checking out all the spooky stuff in the front yard
Minnie, Wario, & Mario
Wario (Hunter) & Mario (Aiden)
Trying to get a group shot

Emma does NOT want to be a part of this picture

Minus Ava and Emma

All the kids are ready for trick or treat!

Scary Ronnie!

She couldn't take her eyes off the stuff in the yard


Ava and her date :-)

Trick or Treat!!

Emma trick or treating at the first house

I got a toothbrush!!

 And since I didn't really get them by themselves last night, here are a couple I got Sunday.

Trick or treat!!!

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