Our Family

Our Family
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Monday, November 14, 2011

What I Learned this Weekend...

1.  Snakes are disgusting, ugly, scary, and Aiden has NO fear of them!

We went out back to play on Saturday and Aiden was trying to talk to me while I was helping Emma so I was only half listening.  When I finished, I headed over to him and heard him say something about a snake and saw him go to stomp on something. I get over there and this is what I see..

Now to some, this may be a small, ugly garden snake...to me? It's an anaconda! I had to quickly grab Aiden away and told him that we NEVER try to stomp on a snake to kill it.  Seriously? He acted like it was a little worm! Needless to say, we headed out to the front yard to play instead. When I checked out back later it wasn't there anymore.  Yeah, so who knows when we'll head back out there to play!!

2.  I should never, ever play poker professionally!

Saturday night we went over to my cousin's house and ended up playing poker.  I've played a little here and there in the past (on the computer), but never really knew what I was doing.  Apparently, I'm very easy to read, according to Patrick.  I held my own for a bit though and I'm proud to say that I was not the first one out! Woot! Woot! Sorry Ron! :-)  Somehow, Kelly won the game...I think she plays more often than she let on... :-)
When I still thought I was doing well!
Horrible cards!
Ron seemed to be very happy about only having a stack of $1's left!

And I'm down to just a little bit of chips left...

Patrick was very proud of himself for stealing my chips
That's what Patrick thinks about Kelly's win!

The Poker Champion
**Thanks Kelly for not minding that I stole your pictures!  Now I need to study so I can whoop up on everyone next time!

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