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Our Family
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Emma's 18 Month Visit

Yesterday, (Nov. 7th) you had your 18 month visit to the doctor.  Since you were put in the hospital at Easter time you are terrified of the doctor's office and freak out any and every time someone comes near you! I expected no less this time but boy did you surprise me! You weren't very to go back to the little room, but I'm thinking that might have been because you were having too much fun playing in the waiting room.

Once we got back, were okay as long as the nurse didn't get too close.  Usually trying to get your length can be tough work because you try to get up to get back up in my arms, but today you laid still and just whined a bit.  What?! Is this the same girl I've been taking to the doctor??  I had to go ahead and warn the nurse that weighing you would most likely not go well and that usually you start screaming as soon as I put you down and you try to jump off back at me...so off we went and you sat right down and didn't make a peep!  You even let the lady check your temperature with no complaints!  I swear you were just trying to make me look like a liar!

You were such a good girl the whole time! And we were there forever!! 2 hours forever! Both you and Aiden had to be checked out, but my goodness that's a long time to expect little kids to be locked up in a little room!

You had to get 2 shots. :-(  That did not make you very happy and you screamed your little head off.  Those shots must have been some doosies because later in the evening you're still holding your leg in the shot spot and whining.  Big Brother Aiden was there just as soon as they were done to try and make you feel better though.  He loves you so much! :-)

Emma's 18 Month Stats:
  • Height - 32.48 inches  (74th%)
  • Weight - 26 lbs 1 oz   (74th%)
  • Head Circumference - 18.11 inches (35th%)
And here's what makes a doctor's visit and shots all worth it...

*On a side note - The doctor confirmed that Aiden does have croup and he's gotta have breathing treatments just about every 4 hours for the next week.  Yay! Fun! At least he seems to be feeling better and that pesky fever is just about gone!!

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