Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

See! He can be sweet!

I almost forgot to write about this one!

On Thanksgiving we were at my in-laws and Aiden and I were hanging out in my father-in-law's bedroom because that's where the awesome massage chair is and we needed to get massaged over and over and over again! :-)

The cartoon channel was on so of course that means lots and lots of toy commercials to which we always hear, "I want that!" or "I'm getting that!".   After one commercial came one and Aiden told me he wanted whatever it was, I asked him what he really wanted Santa to bring him the most.  He responded with "the coloring changing "Grusty" aka Lightning McQueen and the talking Grusty.

I couldn't believe he only told me 2 things because he wants EVERYTHING!!  I asked him if he really only wanted Santa to bring him 2 things and he told me, "Yeah, I only want 2 things because all the other kids need to get things too." 

OMG.  I think it brought tears to my eyes.

He does listen to things we say! And, he can be sweet and think of others!

That was a very proud Mommy moment! <3

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