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Our Family
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Bad Lesson...

So I had a bad Mommy moment while we were at Ronnie's Market the other day.  Everyone's bound to have them. And I probably didn't teach Aiden the best lesson which is why it was a bad moment...

We had already looked at all the trees and picked out our ornaments, when we went to check out Aiden's favorite part about going there...watching the trains drive around.  I watched them with Emma for a couple minutes and then wandered off to look at the ornaments they have that can be personalized.

Emma and I found a little soccer player that was wearing red shorts.  This was Aiden's first year playing soccer and his team colors were red and black.  I thought this ornament would be great for remembering it.  I picked it up and went off to show him and Patrick.  Patrick agreed that we should get it for him and I went to hand it to Patrick (since he was the one with the wallet!) and somehow that darn ornament slipped right outta my hand and fell right onto the concrete floor and pieces went everywhere.  Damn it!

Patrick says, "Great, now we just bought 2 of those." What? Why? Don't they expect some to get broken and just say, be more careful next time.  Not one person that worked there looked in our direction and we were already spending at least $20 in ornaments, if not more!

This is where I had my "Bad Mommy teaching moment"...

I told Patrick look, no one noticed. Yes, I know there are cameras around there but still no one came to us. Patrick carried that head and body parts around for awhile and nothing.  We walked to look at the fountains and still nothing.  Aiden was now asking what about the broken ornament, what are gonna do with it, how did you break it...blah, blah, blah.  I told him to shush and stop talking about it.  He was gonna get us in trouble if he kept on.  Yes, in hindsight (is that how you say/spell that?) I should have told him he was right and should have gone right up to the counter and told them what happened and deal with what they wanted me to do.  I know this, don't judge me.  Instead, Patrick stuck the poor broken little guy on a stand with the fountains.

So really? He's just as bad as I am.  We certainly won the worse parenting award that night.  Don't be honest, hide your accident, and run like hell out the door when Patrick pays.

I feel bad, but we did spend a lot of money in there that night, as we do every year.  Now, I'm sure when we go in next year they are going to have our pictures next to the register and they're gonna throw us out.  Oh man....

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