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Our Family
December 2013

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Aiden - 4 & 1/2 Years Old

Dear Aiden,

Today is the day that you are officially 4 & 1/2 years old.  I cannot believe that much time has passed by.  I can still remember when you would wake up at night insisting to "rock with Mommy"...and now, you want Daddy to take you back to bed when you come visit in the middle of the night.

You are growing to be so independent! Just this morning when I came downstairs you were already up. You had turned the Christmas tree on, found your cartoons, and tried pouring yourself a cup of apple juice.  The apple juice was ALL over the counter, but I was so proud that you tried to do it yourself, that I couldn't be mad.

You love your sister so much and love to play with her and also annoy her. :-) She loves you back, big time! 

Some of your favorite things are working on "projects" or crafts, painting, playing outside, watching Spongebob or Phineas and Ferb, going to the playground, playing games on the computer, playing with your best friend, Hunter, juice, cheese, nuggets, fries, dumplings, and a peanut butter and sandwich (that's how you specifically ask for that for lunch every. single. day.).

You love to pick out your own outfits and some of them are fabulous.  But most days, you'll ask if we are going into public and if I tell you no, 99% of the time you'll come down in the some Mario shirt and pants, whether those pants go with that shirt or not!

I love you little man!


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