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Our Family
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cookies are done!

I finally found a little motivation and got some presents wrapped Monday night! Go me! I felt like I wrapped a ton! But...I hardly made a dent and now I have a couple days left.  I always want to do all the wrapping, but this year I think I may just take Patrick up on his offer to help!

We also got our cookies done Tuesday morning before Patrick went to work.  I know usually people make 15 different dozen kinds of cookies, but not this year, not us.  Why?  The kids really only like to eat chocolate chip and according to Aiden that's Santa's favorite kind, so why would we need to slave away and make more that would eventually just be thrown away?  Not this year.  So we made our two batches of chocolate chip cookies and they are delicious!!!

Mixing it up!
You gotta stick the tongue out when you concentrate!
I don't think he wants my help!
Emma wants to mix!
Trying out the new cookie scooper
The best invention ever for Aiden to make cookies with
Scooping out the dough
Our first batch
Tasting his good work
Everyone loves a warm cookie!
This year we got a cookie scooper. Think an ice cream scooper but you squeeze it and it has a little thing that swipes the dough out onto the cookie sheet.  Best thing ever.  Aiden does not like to get his hands dirty. At all when it comes to food.  When baking cookies, he'll help mix the dough up but after that, he's out. He does not want the dough all over his fingers.  With this, both of our hands stayed clean the whole time! Awesome!!

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