Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Santa Visit

Sunday we took the kids to see Santa.  I knew Aiden would have no problems since he's been a few times, but I had a feeling Emma wouldn't like him so much.  She doesn't like to go to people she knows sometimes if I'm around.

We decided to wait until after nap time in hopes that Em would be in a fantastic mood. Still didn't help!

As soon as we walked into Santa's house, Emma started freaking out. Yep, just as I expected.

Aiden went first and told Santa that he wanted a talking "Grusty" aka Lightning McQueen and a color changing "Grusty".  Santa acted like he knew exactly what Aiden was talking about. :-)

After Aiden and Santa chatted for a bit, it was Emma's turn. I walked her over and she started to cry again and got the death grip on my arm.  She was not going to go sit with this guy.  She did take 2 candy canes from him and told him "Bye" after she got them. Hahaha

Santa told me to face her away from him and he'd sneak up behind us to get a picture.  Yes, I know my eyes are closed, but the pictures Patrick got are much clearer than the one that Mrs. Claus got with my eyes open.

Hope you have safe travels to our house Santa!

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