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Our Family
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Emma - 19 Months

Dear Emma,

Today you are 19 months old! I know I say this every time, but time is flying!  You are getting to be such a big and smart girl!  You are saying TONS of new things and repeating just about everything we say.  You're favorite words to say are, "ook" (look), "peas" (please), "nah" (no), and "okayyyy".   Those are the ones we hear at least a million times a day!

It's December and lots of people have their lights up outside. You LOVE to see all the pretty lights.  Every time we back out of our driveway when it's dark you'll see our lights and yell "wow!".  I'm sure that makes Daddy's heart feel really big! :-) You've been great with the Christmas tree! I was sure that you were going to be ripping ornaments off all day long, but for the most part, you leave it alone. You just yell "ook" at all the ornaments.

You still love to play hide and seek with us, color, play with playdoh, paint, go for walks outside (if it's not too cold!), and pretend that you're playing Mario on the Wii with Aiden.  You are also still a great sleeper! You go to bed at 7:30 and most mornings are awake around 7-7:30.

You have gotten so much better at feeding yourself now and don't make too big of a mess when you do!  We haven't really attempted a big girl cup yet. You play with one in the bathtub so you get what you're supposed to do, but don't quite get the water to stay in your mouth yet, so we'll just leave that for the tub for now!  

You are learning so much, so fast! I swear you're a genius!

I love you!


Still got that Elvis/Popeye Smile :-D

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  1. Let me also add that another favorite word is "ut" aka "what". You say that one CONSTANTLY!!!