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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weight Watchers

After I had Emma the weight I had gained just did not want to go away. Yes, I know that you actually have to eat right and exercise too in order for that to happen, but this is me we're talking about...and I like things to just happen.  It was bad! After she was born, I was up to what I weight when I was still pregnant with Aiden.  Yikes!!  I never felt extremely fat, but I definitely wasn't thrilled with the way I looked either.  I started exercising (Zumba and the elliptical) and lost a few pounds but really just used the exercising as an excuse to eat more.  Plus, I'm addicted to fatty foods.  I don't know what kind of crack they put in there but I just couldn't/can't get enough!! When it started getting darker earlier and colder I fell off the Zumba wagon and of course the few pounds I lost came back, plus some.  When my "fat pants" started to get way too tight, I knew that I had to do something!!

I have a few friends that had/have been on Weight Watchers and it worked for them so I thought that would be what I would try.  I had to do some sort of program because trying on my own wasn't going well so far!  Of course, I would always put off joining saying, "After so & so's party" or "Not until after the holidays!"  Thankfully Weight Watchers always has join free deals right after the New Year so that's when I took the leap!!

Starting off I weighed 1--. You didn't really think I was going to put my actual weight there, did you?!?! Gasp! I'm not quite that comfy with it yet! :-) (I'm trying to find a "before" picture of me, but you know what? That's extremely hard when you're always the photographer! Here's one that I don't love but are you really supposed to love before shots when it comes to weight?)
Yikes!! Is that what I really look like??
I'm thrilled to say that as of today I have lost 36.6 lbs!!!! WOOT! WOOT! Has it been easy?? Not always! Sometimes I. Just. Want. To. Eat!!  But on weight watchers you don't really have to give up what you like, you can eat what you want just have portion control or find what you love but how to make it in a healthier way.  I do the online program because with 2 kids, my husband's schedule and just knowing me, I would never make it to a meeting.  I know online wouldn't work for everyone but it's great for me! I love the online program because there are TONS of recipes and if I'm not sure how many points something is I can go right online and find out.  I love it! (And no Weight Watchers is not giving me any sort of compensation for my opinion, it's just my own opinion!)

Now, I'm a girl that loves food so I do treat myself to what I call "Fat Day Friday" or whatever day of the week I want something not cooked in this house.  I just watch what I eat that day and enjoy myself.  If I didn't do that, surely I would binge and not have very good results come weigh in day. I also NEVER want to become one of those people that are super obsessed with it and all I can talk about is points and my weight.  I know that nobody else really cares to hear it, even though I'm excited about it! Being this is my blog, however, I may just bring it up now and again to keep myself motivated. :-)

Again, it's tough to find a recent pics of myself unless I've held the camera but...

Aiden & I on his birthday - June 7, 2011

Us again camping - July 2011

 I would still like to lose a little more weight, but I am beyond thrilled that I finally almost weigh what I did when Patrick and I got married! Yay!! Go me! Go me! :-)

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