Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Y3W: Spaghetti is Yummy!

Emma had her first "real" experience with spaghetti about a week or 2 ago.  Now, she's had spaghetti plenty of times, but after trying to keep the house and kids clean all day I don't really want to clean up a huge disaster after dinner so we usually just spoon feed it to her ourselves.  I know, I know...poor baby doesn't get the fun of it so I decided to just let go and let her do it herself. 

As of right now she does not like to get her hands dirty! Right after her first handful she looked at her hands in disgust and showed them to me like get this stuff off of me.  Once she realized that I wasn't going to clean her hands after every bite she gave up on the thought.  (Please excuse the little boy bib, we needed something heavy duty for this meal!)

Giving me the look

Digging in


Ewe! It's on my hands!

Going back for more

Seriously?? No one's gonna clean these things off?

Aiden's messy face

I love spaghetti too!

Really starting to get worried about my hands!

Oh man! Some fell into my lap too!

Spaghetti coma

She'll do anything for a laugh...just like her brother!

So after these pictures, I know it was worth the giant mess that was left to clean up...after bath time of course!


  1. Messy face pics are sooo cute..unless you're the one cleaning up!;)