Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Friday, July 8, 2011

Vacation Fun

Did you think I forgot about this blog? Nope! I didn't! I've just been away and then once I got back I just wanted to lay around and do nothing! I'm still kind of on that mode but figure my fingers can type while I sit here!

Camping was SO much fun! If you knew me well, you would never expect to hear those words come out of my mouth!! I think having a camper helps, in fact I know it does, because if we had to tent camp, we would have been gone in the middle of the first night, I'm sure! 
Patrick with our home
Aiden was up in the morning and off going strong until it was time for bed.  He had a great time with his cousins playing in the dirt (oh the dirt!), walking the tight rope (a big log), riding his bike, playing at the playground, fishing, eating smores, playing in the campers, and more!  I'm so glad we brought his bike because after riding there he is doing so well now! By bedtime he was exhausted and it was never a fight to go to sleep and a couple days he even slept until almost 9! Maybe we should go camping more often!! Here are some pictures of Aiden having fun!

I was worried about how Emma would handle camping and she loved it too! What baby doesn't want to walk around and be filthy?! When she would fall down, which was often, she would just lay there until someone came to pick her up and wipe her hands off. She did not like her hands to be dirty! I was nervous that she would try to wonder away from our campsite but with the way it was set up, she stayed right there (unless she was trying to get to the boys riding their bikes).  She napped like a champ and was practically begging for bedtime by 7:00 pm. She had a great time just running around our site, playing in the wagon or her car, playing with Bentley (Aunt Kelly's dog), playing with balls or bug nets, running around yelling like a wild woman in the camper, and eating (just like her mommy!).  Here are pictures of Em having fun while camping.

My favorite parts of camping would definitely be spending time with the family, the relaxing atmosphere (99% of the time, we had no clue what time it was), the campfires, adult conversation, and the food! We had so much delicious food that it's going to be extremely hard to get back to my diet!

We also celebrated July 4th while we were camping but I'll save that for another post because of course there are lots of pictures to go with it!

Overall our first official camping trip, in the camper, was a huge success and we're already looking forward to our next trip!!

My husband and I enjoying our camping trip

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