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Our Family
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

This was a busy weekend for us! It could be that it was the last couple of days before Patrick had to go back to work after his vacation, I never let that poor man rest!

Saturday, we went up to my sister's house to see her, her husband, and the kids.  This was the first time Aiden, Emma, and Patrick were meeting Chelsey.  Aiden told me before we went that it was okay if he held Baby Chelsey and gave her a hug and kiss. He loves babies! That's a good thing since he's told me that he's having 11 kids when he grows up! Yikes! I think he wants to be the new Duggar family!

Aiden did just what he planned on...he held the baby and gave her that kiss and a few hugs. :-) Emma couldn't really decide what the heck was going on.  She just stared at her for awhile and then kind of lost interest. I think she was trying to figure out why everyone was so interested in a dolly.  When Chelsey would squirm or make a little noise, Emma would have to come check it out and then go on her way again. 

Here are some pictures from our visit:
Aunt Denise & Chelsey

Sleeping beauty

Aiden practicing his hugs on Emma

Uncle Patrick & Chelsey
Sweet baby

Aiden whispering to Baby Chelsey

He loves babies!

Emma checking Chelsey out
She's wondering why that dolly is moving around

Hi Baby!
She's looking at me!
Blowing bubbles

12 Days Old
Chelsey made a sound so Emma came to check things out
Chelsey Lynn
 After visiting for awhile, we decided to stop by the Christiana Mall on our way home so I could see all the changes that had been made since we lived up there. And my has it changed! All those new fancy stores! I don't think I could afford to shop there anymore! I still think it's weird to have a Target attached to the mall but maybe that's just because I have a problem when going into Target...I can't spend less than $100.  So what if I parked on the opposite side of the mall and just so happened to be pulled into Target and spend that much...how do I get all my stuff to my car?? Yeah, so we went in there and I had to go tunnel vision so I wouldn't buy anything.  It was nice to see what stores were there now.  Maybe someday when the kids aren't with me, I can actually go inside the stores and see what they have.  We stopped off to have dinner at our favorite restaurant...Nino's.  LOVE that place!! Oh how I wish they had one of those down here!  It was a great day!

On Sunday we I, decided that I finally had had enough of Emma's ugly walls so we repainted them. Our bedroom is painted a biegey, tan color and we had lots leftover so we decided to use some for Emma's room originally because with her bedding, I thought pink would be too much.  Well, I didn't like it, I don't think I ever really did, though I never said anything, it just wasn't a little girl's room.  I'm over her bedding as well.  Sigh...Thank goodness we found it on ebay and didn't spend too much on it because we're going for everything different.   Here's our start...
Goodbye ugly not little girl colored walls!

Pink paint

No going back now!

I really hope it turns out nicely, because I am definitely NOT a decorator!  As of now, it's really pink, I mean really pink...should I have gone a light purple like I was secretly wanting too??? Too late now! I've ordered a new mirror, letters for her wall, and a couple other things.  It may take forever for all those things to come in but when it's done I'll post it here, unless it looks like a hot mess!! :-)

What a great and busy weekend! I'm sad that it's over because my husband had to go back to work today after being home for over a week.  It was nice being able to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. Now we'll just have to look forward to his next vacation...

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