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Our Family
December 2013

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fall Soccer

It's official, Aiden is going to play soccer this fall! At least, I hope!!

His cousin, Brynn, played in the spring and when her parents, Aimee & Dan, asked if Aiden was interested his answer was no. He said he would play here in our backyard but he didn't want everyone to be looking at him, watching. :-(  What 3 year old worries about that?  I was kind of bummed because I always thought he might like soccer, but wasn't going to push him.  I know exactly who he gets that worrying what people will think of him from...

Flash forward to last week...My cousin, Aimee, told me it was fall soccer sign up time and wanted to see if Aiden was interested this time around.  I figured, yeah right, he's still going to be worried about the same things so I wasn't holding my breath when I asked. Well, this time he said yes!  I had to ask a couple of times to make sure he understood what I was asking.  I explained that this is the soccer where, yes, people will be watching, not just him, but everybody and that he'll have a coach he has to listen to (he's not the greatest listener just yet), etc.  It's not that I was trying to talk him out of it, but soccer, I've learned, is not cheap!! It costs us $60 just to sign up! At least that covers his uniform, but then we need shin guards, and of course cleats (ok, those aren't necessarily required, but come on...like Patrick's gonna let him play a sport without all the get up!).  After all the questions and explaining, he still says yes! 

We took the paperwork in last week so it's official, my little man is gonna be a soccer star! :-)

Yesterday we took him to the sports store and got his cleats and shin guards.  When we got home, we put them all on and went outside to kick the soccer ball around.  Of course I think he did pretty awesome! (And for once I forgot to take pictures. :( ) We'll see how it goes when there's a bunch of other kids running around with him.

Practice starts next month and then games in September - October.  Stay tuned to see how it all goes!

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