Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day at the Beach!

Aiden has been asking constantly to go to the beach for the past couple of weeks so today that's where we're headed.  I'm interested to see how Emma reacts to it.  Last summer she was just too little to know and at camping she didn't seem to like the sand in the volleyball pit, at all.  It could make for an interesting day.

Here's a flashback from last year:
Playing in the ocean

Have you ever seen a more beautiful beach baby?

Playing in the ocean

I'm hoping after we hang out at the beach for a little while, we get down to Rehoboth for Aiden to ride a few rides, and maybe Emma too if she's big enough.  And of course finish off the morning/afternoon with Grotto's! Yummy! Now that's really why I go to the beach!

Hopefully I'll have lots of pictures to share from our day! Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!

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