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Our Family
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Aiden 1st Trip to the Movies

My husband, Patrick, had off this past Wednesday so we decided to take Aiden to his very first movie, Cars 2.  We weren't sure how he would do and figured at least in the middle of the week there probably wouldn't be too many people there.  Aunt Kelly told us she would keep Emma for us, so we traded Emma for her son (and Aiden's BFF), Hunter.  (Thank you Aunt Kelly!!) Now we were set!

On our way to get Hunter  
The boys were very excited and jibber-jabbered the whole way there!

At the mall
Waiting for our tickets!!
Of course we had to get popcorn! Isn't it the law when going to the movies?? Hunter LOVED the popcorn, Aiden ate maybe two pieces.  He was way more interested in the giant fruit punch we got the boys to share. 

They sat patiently through most of the previews (and there were A LOT!). Each time a new one started they took turns telling us, "I hope this is it!" After 20 minutes or so of previews, the movie finally started.  (Excuse the blurriness of Aiden's head, he couldn't sit still and I didn't want to use my flash while the movie was on.)
Watching the movie
I thought the movie was cute, but slightly over their heads with the whole spy thing, but the guns and whatnot kept their attention.  Lightning is Aiden's favorite and while he was in the movie, it was really was more centered around Mater (which I loved because I think he's hilarious!!).

We got about 3/4 of the way through the movie when we could hear the boys asking each other if they wanted to leave and have a sleep over right now. :-)  Hunter then told Patrick that they were ready to leave.  They got a little antsy for a bit then, but after a quick trip to the bathroom, they settled back in til the end. 

Shew!  We made it! Aiden stayed in his seat the whole time (minus the bathroom trip) and they weren't too loud.  Yes, they were talking a bit, but they're kids and the movie was so loud, nobody could hear them anyway.

Aiden says he really liked Cars 2. I asked what his favorite part was and he told me, "All of it." :-) So Aiden gives it 2 thumbs up!!

Aiden's first trip to the movies to see Cars 2

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