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Our Family
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Y3W: Beach Day Fun!

On Wednesday we took the kids to the beach for the day.  We knew it was going to be HOT so we left the house by 8:30 and headed down to Lewes.

Aiden LOVED it!!! I have no idea who he got that from because Patrick and I would much rather go to a pool where the water is clean and there is no sand sticking to everything! He had the best time running in and out of the water, splashing all around! He pretty much did that the entire time and didn't really spend much time at all digging in the sand.

Here's some pictures of my little man having an awesome time!
So excited to be at the beach!

Working on his sand castle

Emma was not a fan of the beach!! She hated the sand and would freak out whenever it touched her! She didn't mind you dipping her feet in the water, but you better not put her feet in far enough to touch the sand! It was funny to watch her pull her feet way up when  you tried to set her down.  She spent a lot of time in her tent! After awhile she wanted to go down to the water, but she wanted us to hold her there the whole time. :-)  And she LOVED the seagulls!! She looked for them the whole time and would yell bird to them every time she spotted one!

Trying not to touch the sand
Someone help! The sand is touching me!

Yes, I was the whitest person on the beach! Shhhh!

Back to her safety zone

Looking for birds
Em's home at the beach

Laying down to watch Daddy & Aiden play in the ocean

And she's had enough of the beach!
After playing for a little while, we headed into Rehoboth for Grotto's and Funland (the rides for those not familiar).  Aiden was excited to get on all the rides he could.  And we also realized he's not such a little boy anymore when he wanted to get on the big rides! Emma got to ride her very first ride by herself and she loved it! She got on the firetrucks and the boats with Aiden.  Her favorite ride by far was the merry-go-round! She would grab ahold of the horse and screech when we took her off after the ride was over.

That's one hot baby!

Em's first ride by herself

We topped it all off with ice cream on the boardwalk before Emma began to have a meltdown.  One of those birds even swooped down and stole one of Emma's goldfish out of her stroller! Good thing she wasn't in the seat at the time! She didn't mind since they entertained her during at trip to Lewes.  :-)  What a great and tiring day!!

Asleep before we were even out of Rehoboth
It's a good trip when Aiden falls asleep on the way home!

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