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Our Family
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby #3's Ultrasound

Tuesday morning we went for our anatomy scan and we stuck to our guns and didn't find out if it's a boy or a girl! I'm really excited to hear everyone's guesses throughout the pregnant and honestly I'm shocked that we were able to stay strong!!  When we told us she was about to look a little lower so to look away if we didn't want to see anything, part of me was dying to look! Like I would be able to tell from that fuzzy black and white picture anyway!! Seriously! Am I the only person that says, "Uh huh, yeah I see exactly what you're talking about," when really I see absolutely nothing?!

From what I could tell everything looks good and healthy, not that the ultrasound techs would tell us if they saw something. So I'm gonna think positive until the 28th when I go back for my next ob appointment.  The only thing that makes me nervous is that they were rechecking the cyst she saw on my ovary around 8/9 weeks or so.  Of course they are always stone-faced so I don't know if it looked the same, was gone, or looked bigger.  Hopefully everything looked good and normal!!

The baby's heart rate was 141 bpm and he/she was very wiggly! I think they were trying to show us their best dance moves! He/she was kicking their legs, moving their hands in front of their face, just moving all over the place.  I'm really surprised that I don't feel it a lot more than I think I do.  Maybe I do, but I'm busy with Aiden and Emma so I don't really notice it.

You know how they take pictures of everything and type on the screen to label it whether it's a leg, right heart chamber, spine, etc? Well, I did notice on a couple of those that she typed breech so I'm assuming the baby is breech right now. See I'm a genius! Lol!  I don't really understand how a baby can be breech at 19/20 weeks because aren't they so little, they move all around? Maybe not?  Hopefully this little guy or girl heads in the right direction soon!

And according to the measurements of everything, it puts my due date at August 3rd, which is just what I calculated from my last ultrasound. 

Here are the pictures we got of our little one:
Waving hi to the camera!

So what do you think? Boy or girl?  For the record, as of now, both Patrick and I are thinking it's a boy.  :-)

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