Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mario PJs All Around

At Christmas time I saw these Mario pajamas for men and thought they would be a perfect gift to Patrick from Aiden. To say that Aiden is obsessed with Mario, might be an understatement.   I took him back up to Target to show him and he told me that that is what he wanted to get Daddy for Christmas.  He thought it would be pretty cool that they both would have Mario jammies and that they could wear them on the same day.

Fast forward to last weekend or so when Patrick finally straightened up some of his dresser drawers and came across the Mario pajamas.  Aiden had forgotten all about them, but when he saw them, Patrick knew he had to put them on. 

Here are my boys in their best Mario pjs...

Awww, look how excited Aiden is.  <3 Melts my heart! <3

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