Our Family

Our Family
December 2013

Friday, February 24, 2012

Y3W: 17 Week Update

How Far Along: 17 weeks

Total Weight Gain: We'll find out next week.  I'm guessing I've gained at least 8 lbs since I was there last!

Stretchmarks: Thanks to Emma I have a couple tiny ones, but not from this one yet

Sleep: I've had a couple nights this week where I could not fall asleep, but the past couple of days, I've been sleeping great.

Best Moment This Week:  The kids are starting to talk to the baby.  Emma thinks you need to poke or talk through the belly button for the baby to hear. Aiden just knocks on my belly and asks how the baby is doing.

Movement: Maybe or could be gas still. I can't wait until I know for sure that's what it is.  It's starting to stress me out because I feel like at this point I should be feeling movement.

Gender:  Unknown. 

Labor Signs: No thanks

Belly Button: Inny

Cravings: turkey burgers, paninis, potato soup, diet coke (guess my aversion to soda is over!)

Wedding Rings On or Off: On

What I Miss:  Hanging out with friends and not having a glass of wine

What I am Looking Forward to:  We're getting a new entertainment center this week and I'm excited for it to get here.  Hopefully we like it since we ordered it online and haven't seen it in person yet

How Big is Baby:  About 5 inches or about the size of a turnip

Next Appt:  February 29th

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