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Our Family
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Trip to Build-A-Bear

Yesterday was President's Day so kids had off of school.  Aunt Kelly said she was planning on taking her kids up to the Christiana Mall to visit Build-A-Bear and asked if we would be interested in going with her.  I thought it sounded like a great idea and being neither one of us had been there before we were probably just as excited as the kids!

We met bright and early to hopefully avoid any afternoon meltdowns and headed off.  (And thanks to Aunt Kelly for being prepared with the camera, most of these pictures I stole from her!)
We're on our way with a van full of kids!
Emma is wondering where we're taking her

Once we got to the store it was time for everyone to choose their bear, dog, cat, chipmunk, whatever their heart desired! Then decide which sound they wanted their pet to make, if any.
So many choices!!
Do you your puppy to bark, Emma?

Once you had your animal, it was time to stuff them!  The boys were great helpers here and made sure to help their little sisters with this part! Emma was too scared of the man working there and the noise the machine made to get down and do her own!
Waiting in line to stuff our picks!

Filling up Alvin with stuffing
Helping Emma fill up her new doggy
After your animal is perfectly stuffed, you have to pick a heart to put inside.  They had the kids rubbing the heart on their heads so their animal would be smart, on their ears so it'll be a good listener, on their legs, knees, and feet so it'll be able to run, jump, and play, all kinds of things.  When Aiden was watching the little boy in front of us, he turned around and whispered to me that he was not going to do that stuff.  He did.  Bashful little guy!
Getting their hearts all warmed up to go in their animals
After they get all stitched up it's off to give them a bath and fluff them up.  This was Ava's favorite part! Emma still wouldn't get down at this point.  I think she was afraid of the noise the dryers aka fluffers made.
Fluffing up Alvin's fur
Ava getting Hello Kitty all ready for an outfit!
After getting them clean it was time to shop for an outfit.  And talk about choices! These things have way more options than I do when I get ready in the morning!

After making a hard decision of what outfit to get you're off to the computer to register and name your stuffed animal.  You even get a birth certificate for them to take home!  Word of advice for those who have never been (as we never had), don't fall over when they tell you the total.  Good Lord!!
That face made the prices all worth it!
We were all starving afterwards so we decided to hit up Chickfila for lunch and play time.  Unfortunately this Chickfila didn't have a play place.  Who would have thought?! I thought they all did!  So after lunch we hit up the playground down the highway for some fun before our long ride home.
Time for ice cream!
Emma loves fries!
Best Friends!
We had a wonderful time! Thanks Aunt Kelly for a great idea!

Here's everyone's new stuffed animal:
Aiden and Alvin
Emma and Puppy
Ava & Kitty
Hunter & Camo Buddy
Ronnie & Joey

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